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Verizon Fios Box Keeps Rebooting

by stacy

We have that annoying condition with practically every piece of hardware where it turns off and on again. It’s the same situation and feeling when the Verizon Fios Box keeps rebooting. It’s the same as when you start your car and it needs a little prodding to stay running.

So, how can we keep the automobile running so that we may have a pleasant ride? How can we keep the Fios Box from rebooting, in this case? We need to first understand how a Fios Box works and why it keeps rebooting, then we can talk about how to fix it.

What Is a Fios Box and How Does It Work?

The Verizon Fios Box is a typical STB (Set-top box) for watching satellite, cable, and other types of television. It gets a signal via various mediums such as a satellite dish, coax cable, telephone line, and so on.

Verizon Fios Box

The STB includes a TV-tuner input. This device takes the television frequency and converts that into audio and video signals. These signals are converted into TV content. This is an example.

Reasons Verizon Fios Box Keeps Rebooting

We have the top reasons why your Verizon Fios Box keeps restarting, apart from common causes like incorrect configuration, bad parts or poor handling.

The terminal is located at the beginning. Verizon uses a fiber optic network to deliver internet, TV and other services. They have a high transmission speed but the optical network terminal (or ONT) must be hidden in order for the connection and speed to work.

Home automation: Every day we get more and more tools and devices for home automation, which can disrupt services that we already use. We might have to examine that.

Router glitch: It is possible that your router is defective and you need to replace it or reboot it. It is important to properly reboot the router, even if it needs to be replaced.

Interrupted firmware updates: A broken update can lead to problems, including constant rebooting. To ensure that everything is working properly, we may need to reset the STB or modem.

Faulty cables. An interrupted power supply is one of the reasons Fios Box keeps rebooting. It keeps losing contact, and it reboots.

How to fix Verizon Fios Box

There are solutions that can be used to address the above-mentioned issues. We might need to change the location of the ONT to stop our Verizon Fios Box constantly rebooting.

Disable Home Automation Devices

You might have home automation devices, such as hubs, that allow you to control electronic devices in your home. These devices could interfere with Fios Box and you may need to get rid them. This is a solution that some users have reported.

You might also want to look into home automation solutions that work better for you, and don’t affect the functionality of other devices in the home.

Reset Router

Turn on the router and ensure it is working normally. Next, locate the reset button at the back. After finding the reset button, press it for 30 seconds with a paperclip.

All settings will be restored to their original factory settings after the router reboots. Assign a new username or password to your router login credentials. You can now tweak the settings of your router.

Reboot your device

Rebooting the modem is another way to make everything work normally. Start with the modem and work your way through to everything else. You must first turn off all devices that are connected to the internet.

Next, turn on the modem. Turn on the modem and wait for it to establish full functionality. Then, turn on all devices connected to the modem, including the Fios Box. This will prevent future problems for a while.

Replace the cables

You should also check for damage to the cables. This can be done easily by simply replacing the Ethernet cable and checking that the connection is working with the new one. If the connection is not established, it could be a problem with the modem, router, or box.

If the Fios box stops rebooting and there’s a good connection, then you can get a new Ethernet cable.

Move the ONT

Poor weather conditions can cause damage to the ONT. This is one of the most common reasons. To move the ONT, you need to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

They might also send a technician to verify that everything is in order. If you have tried everything and it hasn’t worked, this is the best option.


We now have the knowledge to fix our Verizon Fios Box reboots. These fixes can be used as troubleshooting steps. The problem should disappear once you have completed the list.

If none of these options work, you may want to get a new STB. Or, simply change your provider. Sometimes it’s not the device that is the problem, but the service provider. You should get a better service.

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