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Verizon Fios Router Login: myfiosgateway or Verizon router IP

by stacy

It is crucial to take care of your Verizon Fios router as well as your home network. However, you won’t be able to do that if you don’t know how to login to your Verizon router. There is no reason to wait. Learn the steps to login to Verizon router to make any router changes.

A Brief Overview

This article will show you how to login to Verizon Fios using your default router IP and login information.

What do you require?

  • A Verizon Fios Router
  • You can access your network via Wi-Fi or the network cable
  • An device that connects to the network, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

How to login to Verizon Fios router

STEP 1. STEP 1. Connect to your network

Use a Wi-Fi or network cable to connect your device to the internet. Trying to access the router settings from a device not connected to the network won’t be possible. To be successful, first connect to your network.


You will need to have a web browser in order to login to your Verizon Fios Router. Enter the default Verizon Fios router login address ( myfiosgateway.comUse the keyboard to enter or use the mobile device’s Go button to go.

STEP 3. Step 3.

verizon fios router login

Each Verizon Fios router has a pre-defined username and password. These are the default Verizon router login details:

Username: admin

Password:Password or enter the Admin password/Default passwordIt is located on the label at back of router.

These login details can be changed if you’ve previously done so.

STEP 4. Step 4.

If your default IP and login details are correct, you can now access the Verizon Fios router settings to view all devices connected to it.

How to change the Verizon router password login

One of the best things you can do for your wireless router and network security is to change the router login password. This change is not often done. But it’s important to remember that anyone connected to your network will be able to find your default IP and username and gain access to your router settings. This may result in you being unable to access your router settings. lose access to your wireless home networkYou can also access the router admin console.

You can now change your Verzion router’s password by logging into your Verizon router. These steps are all you have to do.

  1. Click on Advanced from the menu to open it
  2. Click on now Users
  3. Click here AdminOder Administrator
  4. This will bring up the User settings page.
  5. You can change your router admin password in the General section.
  6. Click SaveApply the changes and then login with your new password.

It is a good idea to also change the password and name of the wireless network after you have changed the default Verizon router password. Our guide to changing the Verizon WiFi password or SSID can be found here.

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