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Verizon FiOS Wi-Fi Connected But No Internet: Here’s What to Do

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Although your Verizon FiOS wireless network seems to be functioning properly, you are unable to connect to the internet. Before calling customer service, we have provided some troubleshooting steps. You might be able solve your problem in a matter of minutes.

Troubleshooting Verizon FiOS Wi Fi Fi-Fi Connected, but no Internet Problem

1. Restart your Router

Restarting your router can solve most internet issues experienced by Verizon customers. You will need to unplug your router from the power source, or press the power button if you have one. Wait for the device’s turn on and then plug it back in or turn it off. It is best to wait until the router turns on for at least a minute before you attempt to connect to the internet.

2. For viruses, make sure you are vaccinated

Internet connections could be affected if there is spyware or a virus on your computer. These threats could slow down your computer or impact your internet connection.

Your antivirus program should scan your device for malware. Verizon Internet Security Suite could also be installed. This program can help you get rid of any unwanted programs or viruses from your computer.

3. You can disable and delete everything that is interfering with the Internet signal

Your wireless signal can become weaker or stop abruptly if there are disturbances in your environment. Large pieces of furniture, or Bluetooth devices could be some examples of these disturbances. Next, remove all obstructions between your computer or mobile phone and your router. You should not place the router on the ground or in corners.

As we mentioned, Bluetooth devices can also cause interference to the internet signal. It is best to turn off all Bluetooth devices and get online again.

4. Disable Fios Video-on-Demand

FIOS TV video on-demand (or VOD) uses the same fiber-optic connection as your internet service. You can watch multiple VOD titles simultaneously, but this could lead to a weaker connection and interruption. You can turn off Video-on Demand content, then reconnect to the internet. You will need to ensure that you don’t perform multiple activities using the same fiber connection in the future. This can reduce its capacity.

5. Check if your bandwidth is being lost.

Too much bandwidth can slow down your internet connection or cause complete interruptions. This problem can be solved by not streaming multiple videos at once. You should also avoid online gaming or downloading large files. These activities can cause a disruption to your connection. Therefore, you should immediately restore your connection after cessation of these activities.

6. Factory reset of the Router

You might have looked at the router’s settings and found something that was not correct. This could explain why you don’t have an internet connection. A factory reset is the only way to restore router settings.

The reset button will be pressed on your router. It won’t work with your finger. You will need to use a pin, needle or pen to push the reset button. The router lights will start to blink once the reset process is complete. Allow the router to reset properly for five minutes. The Ethernet cables will need to be taken. The one end should be plugged into your computer and the other into your router.

After that, you can access the router configuration page. You can then re-run the steps you followed when you first installed your device. Remember that all devices previously connected to the wireless network will need to be reconnected.

7. The Optical Network Terminal solves your problem

The Optical Network Terminal, or ONT, is a box that allows FiOS to provide internet, TV, and phone services. It serves a primary purpose: it receives fiber optic signals from Verizon, and allows them to be used at your home. It can cause disruptions in your internet connection if it is not working properly. You should make sure that your terminal works properly.

Checking power

To remove the cover, use a flat-head screwdriver. Next, examine the power lamp. If the light turns off, it is possible that the ONT box isn’t receiving power. It could be caused by the BBU battery being disconnected, the ONTbox not being plugged into an AC outlet, or a power outage in your area. Before proceeding, make sure to verify all these items.

The box is in Battery mode if the light blinks. You will be able to use your phone for eight hours during a power cut. The ONT box will still function in case of power failure if it is turned on. The box is functional and can be used as a cover.

8. Troubleshoot your battery backup-up unit

Your Optical Network Terminal is made up of the Battery Backup Unit, which Verizon calls BBU. Problems with the BBU can cause interruptions to your internet connection. It is crucial to ensure that everything is working correctly and as planned.

First, make sure that the BBU power cable is properly inserted into an AC outlet. Next, examine the outlet where the BBU was inserted. The reset switch may have been tripped. To check the connection, press the reset button. You should also inspect the circuit breaker or fuse as they can cut off power.

Once you are sure that everything is working properly, turn on the AC status indicator lamp to check the battery. If the indicator lamp is green, it means that the BBU functions normally and the problem is not in the battery. The yellow light means that the BBU is charged. If the light turns off, it means that the BBU is having problems. Verizon customer service should be reached as soon as possible.

Final thoughts on Troubleshooting Verizon FiOS WI Fi Connected but Not Internet Problem

In just a few minutes, you can solve your problem without internet. If you have tried all of the steps but still do not have internet, contact Verizon customer service immediately.

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