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Verizon Port Forwarding Not Working (Solutions Provided)

by stacy

Every router should have port forwarding. This allows us to connect to private networks.

Businesses use it to access their servers and email. We’ll discuss the importance of port forwarding and why it isn’t working.

Why is Verizon Port Forwarding Broken

Port forwarding is complex and requires many components in order for it to work. There is a chance that one of these components may be defective. You will need to inspect it to find out. Verizon FiOS (Fiber Optic Service) reports that port forwarding isn’t working.

Let’s find out why.

IP Address

You must first create a static address for your device in order to set up port forwarding. Your Verizon port forwarding may not be working if you are using a dynamic address on your device. There can’t be more than one IP address on the network. This will cause a conflict and lead to connectivity problems.

Multiple Routers

If you have multiple routers within your network, this situation can become even more complicated. Ports must be sent from the first router to the second router and then to your device.

Port forwarding for one router will not work if your device is connected to another router. This situation can be resolved by connecting your device directly the router.

Identical Port

There’s a chance that your connection will be broken if you use the same port to forward ports to multiple devices. The situation is similar if you use the same router to forward multiple devices. It’s likely that some devices will have a slower connection at times.


DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) is a zone that protects your network from the outside world. Port forwarding is similar to the DMZ, which allows certain services to be made available to the public through the private network.

The DMZ forwards all ports. If it is already set up on your network you won’t be able to forward ports correctly. You must deactivate DMZ in order to forward a single gaming port.

Configure static IP

You need to create a static IP address for port forwarding. Port forwarding can be set up for Windows 10, Xbox 4 or PC.

Windows 10 Static IP

First, go to settings > Network and Internet > Networks & Sharing Center. Next, click Adjust adapter settings. Right-click the network adapter Properties.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4. Click on the option that interests you, and then click on it. Properties. Click on Use this IP Address. You will need to assign a static IP address to your device. You will then need to assign a Subnet Mask.

The Default gatewaySpecifications are required, e.g. Next, we need to assign the address of the preferred DNS Server. This is usually the router’s adress. Click on OK.

PS4 Static IP

It’s different on PS4 because it’s an entirely new console. However, the IP address, DNS server and Subnet mask, default gateway, Default Gateway and Preferred DNS should all remain the same. Click on “Open” from the home screen. SettingsSelect Network.

Next, go to Set up an internet connection. If you are using a LAN cable, choose Use the LAN Cable . It’s simple. A wireless connection is also possible. Use the LAN Cabl e Choose Use Wi-Fi.

Go to the Configure IP address > manual. After that, you’ll be asked to enter all addresses mentioned above. After you have completed those, visit MTU SettingSelect Auto. Use the Proxy server.

Xbox Static IP

Go to the Xbox Home screen Settings. After you reach the top, you will see Network. This section will allow for you to make a selection. IP settings Select Manual.

Fill in all details by going to Advanced settings Saving. This will give you a static IP address to forward port requests to your Xbox One.

Configuring Verizon Port Forwarding

Verizon subscribers who are experiencing this issue don’t usually have port forwarding set up properly.

This is the leading reason Verizon port forwarding doesn’t work. Two devices offer port forwarding from Verizon, but they have different configurations.

Verizon FiOS

You will need to log in to Verizon FiOS to set up port forwarding. After logging in, you will need to visit the Section port forwardingYou can find the settings. You will need to choose the Tab for Firewall.

After you click on Firewall tab, click on Port forwardingYou will see the left pane. You will first need to choose the static IP address. Select IP from the menu. You then need to make a choice Custom ports.

Verizon FiOS

You will then need to visit the Protocol Dropdown menu, choose Both. Then, you can go to the Please specify Section on the Destination Port. Copy the values and specify the port range. Forward to Port. Click finally Add.

Verizon 4G LTE

The procedure for port forwarding is the same on Verizon 4G LTE. You need to go to the router’s settings page. Click theAdvancedGo to theTab for FirewallYou must ensure that you are aware of the following: Port Forwarding radio on.

Next, choose the name of your service and click “Save”. Add. Just click on the button below to get the right configurationEdit Service. After you have completed the configuration, click ApplyIt is as simple as that.

You can add a custom serviceYou just need to click on Add custom applicationYou can also create everything from scratch.

Fixing Verizon Port Forwarding

If you’ve correctly configured port forwarding on your Verizon routers but still don’t get the desired result, look for the following reasons and try to resolve the problem:

  • Firewall settings: A firewall may block ports. Try to disable it to test if your port forwarding feature is working. You will need to locate the entry that allows it to pass the firewall.
  • Deactivate antivirusThe firewall feature is an additional security measure that protects port forwarding. To test if it works, disable it and then add another entry.
  • Use different portsYou can use different ports to access different services. This is because they all get an uninterrupted connection. You can assign different ports to Xbox One and PS4 respectively.

Port forwarding might not work for you because you may use a dynamic IP. Follow these steps to set up a static address before you attempt forwarding port.


Port forwarding is an important feature of every router. Port forwarding is required to allow remote access to private network services. You can configure Verizon port forwarding correctly, or disable features that may cause disruption.

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