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Verizon Video Calling Not Working

by stacy

4 Ways To Fix Verizon Video Calling Not Working

Verizon is constant amazement and it never fails to amaze. They offer you the best utility and convenience, not only are they unmatched anywhere in the world.

Video calling is one of the many features on Verizon. It doesn’t need any app and you can use your phones for video calling with no issues if they are purchased from Verizon. Here’s how to fix video calling problems.

How to Fix Verizon Video Calling not Working?

1. You can check out the Video Calling Feature

You may have not enabled the video calling feature on your phone. This is the most common reason why it does not work. Make sure you enable it properly. Open Verizon Settings on your smartphone and enable Video calling. After you have done that, click the Save Settings button. Then, restart your phone. Video calling will work immediately after a successful reboot.

2. Check your account

You should also confirm with Verizon whether you have video calling enabled. You might have to pay additional fees for video calling, or there might be restrictions.

It would be a good idea to verify it with Verizon, and have it activated in the event that it isn’t already. Once you have done that, it is possible to restart your account and make it work.

3. Mobile Data

Also, you will need to ensure that your mobile data is enabled and you are connected to the correct networks and signals. It is important to realize that mobile data must be enabled. However, you need the correct signal strength to make it work.

Enabling mobile data only when there is enough signal strength will enable it to work. This will allow you to resolve any issues you may have had with Verizon Video calling.

4. Call the person to verify your identity

Ironically, figuring it out on your phone will not suffice in this situation. You will need to ensure that the person you call has gone through all of the steps. You will be unable to communicate with them via Video Call. Instead, you will need to contact them by phone or text asking them to resolve the issue at their end. It should be all fine once you have done that. You will be able to make it work without any issues.

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