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Verizon WiFi Password Change

How to do it properly?

by stacy

It is normal to do everything necessary to protect your wireless home network once it has been set up. Change the WiFi password and name is an important step. This article will walk you through how to change your Verizon WiFi Password step by step.

Let’s just take it one step at a while!

Use the default IP to change the Wi-Fi password or SSID

First, log in to your Verizon router . Continue reading the steps after you have seen the router settings page.

The router admin interface can vary between router models, but the process is generally the same.

Fios Home Router (Model G3100)

  1. You can find WiFi in our menu to the left.
  2. Click on Basic Setting now in the horizontal menu.
  3. This field allows you to modify the SSID network name in the SSID field.
  4. You should set the Security type to WPA2.
  5. You can enter your new Wi Fi password in the Password field.
  6. Click the Save button to apply the changes.

Fios Quantum Gateway (Model Fios-G1100)

  1. In the top menu, select Wireless Settings
  2. Click on Basic Safety Settings from the menu to the left.
  3. Scroll down to section 2 for instructions on changing the Wi-Fi network’s name. Change the Wi Fi Name…
  4. Section 3. Wi-Fi Security: You can change your Wi-Fi password
  5. You must ensure WPA2 has been selected for both 5GHz and 2.4GHz.
  6. In the appropriate fields, enter the new wireless passwords
  7. Save the changes

You can also follow the steps to change your Verizon WiFi password if you have a different model router.

Verify your Verizon WiFi password change

It is recommended that you verify the password after saving the changes. You can simply take your smartphone, or any other wireless device, and connect to your WiFi network using the new password. Most cases, you will need to forget your old WiFi password and then you can connect to WiFi with the new password.

You will need to change the WiFi password for all devices that were previously connected to your wireless network.

Three Tips to Make a Strong WiFi Password

It doesn’t take much to emphasize how important it is to secure your wireless network using a strong password. Here are some suggestions to help you create a strong password.

1. You should aim for at least 12 characters. To increase your password strength, add a smiley to the end

The WiFi password must not exceed 8 characters. The more characters you use, the better. Try to use a combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid names, places, common phrases, and anything personal such as your pet’s name, birth date, and so on.

2. Be unique. Use a different password for each account.

Most people use the same password to access all their accounts. Be unique and keep track. It is also a good idea to not use passwords that you have already used.

3. It is a great way for teens to make strong passwords by using text messaging

You must be annoyed if your teenager text messages . This is a great way to create a strong password. It is possible to misspell words and create unique passwords by replacing them with numbers.

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