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Versalink C405 Scan To Email

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Versalink C405 Scan To Email – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

Set up Versalink C405 Scan To Email and a Third Party Provider from the Embedded Web Server

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an Internet standard for sending email across IP networks. SMTP is used by your printer to send scanned images, Internet fax jobs, and email notifications.

You can scan to a recipient who utilizes a third-party SMTP email service provider using the Email App.

Before you begin, make sure to:

Set up the printer to communicate with your email server via SMTP.

  • Get the following items:
  • An email address that already exists (It could be a local server or a large service provider.)
  • Information about your email service provider’s connection (i.e. Address for server, port number)
  • The e-mail account’s password
  • Information on the email service provider’s security
  • The printer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address. Print a Configuration Report for the VersaLink B405 for further information.
  • Set up the primary network (if using the optional Wi-Fi adapter)
  • The device’s control panel can be used to set the primary network.

Note: If WiFi is installed and activated, you just need to set up the Primary Network. If you don’t have WiFi, the Primary Network is Ethernet, and you can move on to the following section to establish the SMTP Server settings.

Configure the Primary Network (if using the optional Wi-Fi adapter)

1.Press the Home button on the printer control panel to log in as administrator. Access the Printer as the System Administrator for further information.

2.Select the proper network type for how the printer is linked by touching Primary Network. Select Ethernet if the printer is connected through an Ethernet cable. Select Wi-Fi if you have the optional Wireless Network Adapter installed and connected to a wireless network.

3.You’ll be requested to restart if you changed the primary network settings. Select Restart Now from the menu.

IMPORTANT: For the changed setting to take effect, the printer must be restarted.

  • Configure scanning for a third-party provider’s email recipient:
  • Log in as an administrator to the Embedded Web Server.
  • Select Connectivity > SMTP from the drop-down menu.
  • Make sure the Email Submission function is turned on.
  • Click Email Alerts to enable or disable email alerts.
  • Email alerts are turned on by default.

Configure scanning to an email recipient that uses a third-party provider:

1.Click Server Address in the SMTP Server section, then do one of the following:

2.To manually input a server address, type the name of the SMTP server in the Server Address area, then click OK.

3.Click Select Server from and then Search to find an SMTP server. After selecting the required server, click OK.

4.Configure your DNS server with the required mail exchange records to use the search capability.

5.Type the port number of the server that sends email in the Outgoing SMTP Port Number field.

Note that the default port is 25.

6.Select the appropriate security protocol in the Connection Security section. Select Off if no security protocol is in use.

Note: If you’re not sure what security protocol your server supports, use STARTTLS (if available). This option instructs the device to try using STARTTLS. SMTP connection is not encrypted if your server does not support STARTTLS.

7.Perform the following procedures if your email server requires encryption but does not provide a STARTTLS instruction to the printer:

  • Click SMTP Authentication, then SMTP AUTH in the Outgoing SMTP Authentication section.
  • Enter the server’s user name or email address in the SMTP AUTH User Name field.
  • Type the email address’s password twice, then type it again.
  • Click OK to save the changes.
  • Configure the SMTP Server Configuration
  • Configure SMTP Server Settings Using the Embedded Web Server for more information.
  • Setup for Scanning Tests
  • Perform a test scan at the device to ensure that the scan to email settings are right.
  • Place the original on the document glass face-down or in the document feeder face-up.
  • On the control panel, press the Home button and then hit Email.
  • In the To field, type an email address or choose a name from the address book list.
  • In the upper right corner, click Send.
  • Return to the Home screen by pressing the Home button. Your scanned image should be in your computer’s email client.


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