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How to create a Gmail account: Step by step guide

Mail is one of the most popular email services in the world. You can easily create a Gmail Account in just a few steps. Before you can create a Gmail account, sign up for a Google Account. You will need basic information such as your name, birth date, gender, location, and age to create a Gmail Account. You will also need to select a name for the new Gmail account. What are you waiting to do? Follow these steps to create your Gmail account.

How do I create a Gmail Account?

To sign in to Gmail or other Google products such as YouTube, Google Play, and Google Drive, you can use your username/password. Follow these steps to create your Gmail account.

Step 1 Visit the Google account creation page, Accounts.google.com

Step 2 Click on Register.

Step 3 – You will see the sign-up form. Enter your last name and first.

Step 4 – Select a U Surname to create your account. You can also use an existing email address.

Step 5 After choosing a username, then enter a password. To confirm, type the password again. Google recommends that you use at least 8 characters, with a mixture of numbers and symbols.

Step 6 – Last tap on Next. is located in the right corner of your screen

Step 7 – Next page, enter your telephone number to verify your account. It is a two-step verification process to ensure security.

Step 8 You will receive an SMS from Google containing a verification code. Enter the verification code then tap on to verify.

Step 9 On the next page, enter your DOB in the appropriate fields.

Step 10Choose Gender.

Step 11 –Tap to Next.

Step 12 Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of Google. Click on I Agree.

Congratulations! Congratulations! You will only need to enter your email ID and password every time you sign in. Sign in every time, but don’t forget about signing out. This prevents other people from seeing your emails. Are you able to sign out?

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