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What is Video Email Marketing?

by stacy

Email marketing with video is exactly what it sounds like: including video into your email messages to make them more visible in inboxes.

The email has long been a mainstay marketing channel, and it is frequently one of a brand’s most important. It has stood the test of time despite numerous forecasts that email would be phased out. Why? Because it is a tremendously effective owned and controlled channel.

Email’s inherent potency is merely amplified by video.

Including video in your marketing emails is one of the most effective strategies to increase conversions. Videos are captivating, and they improve the engagement and effectiveness of the most widely used marketing medium on the planet. It’s a high-quality multimedia format that makes it difficult to ignore your emails.

When you hear the term “video email marketing,” it may sound like it’s something entirely different from regular email marketing, but this couldn’t be further from the reality. Video is an excellent supplement to email, serving as a valuable add-on that viewers appreciate. You may use it on pretty much any type of email you want, including attachments.

Are you unsure of where to begin? The simple reason is that video can be played anywhere and at any time. Sending out promotional materials? Check. Triggers? Uh-huh. Newsletters? Yes, without a doubt. Nurtures? Due! It all comes down to trial and error to figure out what works best for you.

We should point out right away that, for the most part, including video in an email message entails including an eye-catching thumbnail along with an attractive play button in the body of the message. Because just a few email clients support actual video playback within emails, you should use an eye-catching image to attract readers to click play on your link. After that, when they click, they are taken to the video (or, more typically, the page where the video is housed) to watch it. With the help of a video marketing platform, it is simple to insert and track videos in email campaigns.

Email, in whatever form you want to employ it, should be a significant component of your organization’s overall video marketing strategy. However, to achieve excellent results, you must first understand the fundamentals.

The Advantages of Using Video in Email

Video provides you with the most effective means of communicating with your target audience. It simplifies complex themes, it is in high demand among audiences, and it helps to establish a relationship that develops long-term commitment. Video in email catches people’s imaginations in a way that text simply can not—especially in B2B, where buyers want to see exciting things, but all too frequently are unable to do so due to technical limitations.

  • The Vidyard Logo Will Give Your Emails the Boost They Need
  • Start including videos in your emails as soon as possible.
  • Statistical Analysis of Video Email Marketing
  • Increase the number of openings: The word “Video” has the potential to increase openings by 19 percent.
  • Boost the number of clicks: Video thumbnails can increase the number of clicks by 50%.
  • To increase revenue,
  • After watching a video, 64 percent of consumers are more inclined to make a purchase, and 65 percent of executives will visit your website.
  • Cost-cutting measures: Videos have been shown to reduce cost per lead by 19 percent.
  • Improve your search engine optimization (SEO): Increased site traffic, which can have an impact on SEO, and clicks are facilitated by video in email—video users receive 41 percent more search traffic than non-users.
  • However, that is not the end of it: Email marketing allows you to construct a library of videos that you can utilize over and over again to accomplish a similar lift across social media and your website, which is beneficial.

a visual representation of what it looks like to watch a video in an email and then be directed to a landing page

How to Include a Video in an Email

It’s a little misleading to refer to the video as being “in” an email. It’s more like sending a video over email because the most efficient way to transfer videos these days is to email a thumbnail image that contains a link to the movie on your website instead of the whole video. Several factors are contributing to this.

It’s difficult to keep up with email service providers.
Email programs such as Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail each have their own set of peculiarities that make them unique. Some email clients do not enable you to embed films directly into emails, and this varies from device to device. The ability to link saves a significant amount of time for marketers who don’t care about the fact that customers using Gmail on their old Samsung gadget won’t be able to see the video. It also assures that your audience has the option to view your video, regardless of how they are viewing your email message.

Displaying the market share of several email clients in a pie chart
Data on email client market share is provided by Litmus.

Linking Enables You to Collect Useful Information
Whenever someone visits your website and watches the video, you have the opportunity to collect valuable information that you would not have obtained if the video had been merely embedded. You’ll be able to see how much of the video they viewed, which portions they skipped or rewatched, and whether or not they shared it with anyone else. You can use this information to customize future emails, score leads, or notify a sales representative.

How to Use a Video Platform to Include Video in an Email

Vidyard, among other video platforms, integrates with all of the top email marketing systems, including HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On, Eloqua, and others. Simply upload your video, and you’ll be allowed to include it in your email campaign when you’re creating it.

  1. The Vidyard Logo Will Give Your Emails the Boost They Need
  2. Start including videos in your emails as soon as possible.
  3. How to Attach a Video to an Email You Send to Yourself
  4. If you don’t already have a video platform, it will take some effort. Take a snapshot of your video so that you can use it
  5. as a thumbnail on your website. Add a triangular “Play” button to the screenshot using a photo editing application so
  6. that people will recognize that it is a movie and will want to click on it.

Upload your video to a video hosting site and save the public URL in a safe place for future reference. In your email software, create a new email message. Include the video thumbnail and a link to the video’s URL in your post. Make sure the thumbnail file name accurately describes what is contained within the movie in case the thumbnail does not load.

Videos can be included in a variety of email types.

Beyond the usual campaign emails, there are a variety of ways to begin incorporating video into your email marketing strategy: Emails that are triggered, nurturing emails, newsletters, and the email signatures of your team members are all effective. Using videos, you can provide news roundups, advertise events, provide event follow-up, explain products, announce a new release, and provide a tutorial. Videos should be included in any email campaign if the goal is to increase opens and conversions.

As an illustration:

  • Sending out email blasts
  • Emails that are tailored to the recipient
  • Invitations to an event
  • Follow-ups on the event
  • Interactions with customers
  • Emails that are sent on a schedule
  • Emails that are nurtured
  • Signatures on emails and newsletters
    The greater the degree to which your videos are tailored, the better. According to one study, tailored movies in the email received 16 times the number of click-to-opens and 4.5 times the number of click-throughs. If you use a video marketing platform, you may automatically personalize films by putting the name or emblem of each recipient’s firm into the video itself.

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