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What’s new at Signeasy

by stacy

February of the following year, 2022
Integration with Microsoft Outlook has been improved.
With the integration of Signeasy for Outlook, Microsoft Outlook users may quickly and conveniently sign and transmit documents for signature directly from their Outlook inboxes. Users can now do the following:

Send papers for signature by configuring the signers, the signing order, the fields, and the message to go with the document
Quick actions to sign and send documents for signature can be launched from the Outlook ribbon and the add-in dropdown menu, respectively.
Before sending the document for signing, upload any supplementary papers that are not included in the email attachment.
Because of the speed and user interface changes, signature workflows will be faster and easier.
While using the Signeasy mobile app, focused fields are no longer necessary because the app automatically focuses on the field while signing, eliminating the need to manually zoom into each field.

January of the next year, 2022
Documents that have been rejected should be deleted.
Users can now delete documents from the Need Your Action and All Documents pages if they have declined to sign them by clicking on the Delete button in the actions part of the page.

Invite a link to your website
Administrators can now add new team members by sending a direct invitation link to them, rather than sending invitations via email, as an alternative to sending invitations via email.

December of the year 2021
Signeasy for Salesforce is now available.
It is possible to prepare, send, track, and eSign contracts and agreements within Salesforce using the Signeasy for Salesforce app available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

SendEnvelope animated gif
Transmit numerous agreements in any file type directly to your Salesforce contacts for eSignature using envelopes containing multiple agreements.
Create templates for contracts and agreements that will be used regularly.
Automate the merging of stored data from Salesforce objects into your contracts, invoices, agreements, and other business documents.
Keep abreast of new prospects and keep track of the progress of all your agreements.
Salesforce allows you to follow up with and remind signers directly from the platform.
Upon receipt, signed envelopes are instantly saved in Salesforce to the corresponding opportunity, contact, and other objects.
It is possible to purchase Signeasy for Salesforce as an add-on for the Business plan.

Reports are being introduced.
In addition to providing an overall picture of the total volume of documents processed at a team level, reports also include individualised usage statistics. According to facts such as completion rate and average time to completion, every team member can examine how their signature requests fared over a period of time. Team members can also view and download all of the pending signature requests that have been submitted. The data in the report can be filtered by time periods (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), and it can also be exported as a CSV file for further analysis. Reports are available for download from the Business Plan.

Sign with a mobile device by editing your signature.
In addition to the existing option to alter signatures via the settings page, mobile signers can now amend their saved signature or initials while signing a document, which is a welcome addition.

Signeasy on the Microsoft Teams Channels Product Blog on November 1, 2021 Dec 1, 2021
Channels in Microsoft Teams will allow users to sign documents and send requests for signatures to other users.

Ownership of templates should be transferred to Administrators.
After changing the Admin of a client on the Business plan, it will now be allowed to transfer ownership of templates from the previous Admin to the new Admin.

The month of October 2021
Apps for signing envelopes on mobile devices
Product Blog on December 4th, 2004
On the mobile apps, users will be able to sign envelopes that contain numerous documents at the same time.

Document categorization has been improved.
Users will be able to access Pending papers in two categories: Documents That Need Your Action and Documents That Are Waiting For Others — using the online application.

Documents that have been rejected for various reasons
On the web application, users will be able to see the reason why a document has been declined by the intended recipient.

View the papers that have been void
Users will be able to access all Voided papers through the web-based interface.

Invoices for customers are generated through the Business Plan.
If they are subscribed to the Business Plan, administrators will have access to all invoices and will be able to download them.

QR codes for templates on the web application will be available in September 2021.
Product Blog on December 02, 2002
Users will be able to share template links with a single signer from the online application by scanning QR codes with their smartphones.

The ability to add fields and assign particular recipients while initiating signature requests from mobile apps will be available for users who choose to send for signature with fields from mobile devices.

August of the following year, 2021
Verification using two factors
Product Blog on December 3rd
Customers can add an additional degree of protection (such as a passcode to mobile phones) to ensure that the papers are only accessed by the intended recipient and signed by him or her.

June 2021 is the target date.
Public templates can be shared without having to provide contact information.
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Users can share single signer, public sharable links with others by scanning a QR code with their mobile device, offering a completely frictionless in-person signature experience.

Customer API support for document preparation product team blog 08 API users can integrate document preparation into their applications, with the ability to add any number of fields as needed.

May of the year 2021
Sign in to all of the pages on the Android app’s new 02 02 02 feature.
Users have the option of copying their signature and initials across the entire page. With this update, the feature is now available on all platforms, including the web, iOS, and Android devices.

In the month of April 2021, edit the signers in the Send for Signature new 04 04
After a signature request has been received, users can make changes to the signers’ names and email addresses. This will assist you in avoiding typos and other errors in your emails. First and foremost, you won’t have to go through the entire process of sending documents for signature again.

The names of those who were copied on the certificate are displayed.
The names and addresses of those who were copied on the certificate will be displayed.

March of the following year, 2021
Image 04 from the product team’s blog during a session time-out.
The session time-out feature has been implemented as part of the strengthened security measures. Additionally, there is an option to remain logged in. More information can be found by clicking here.

06th blog post from the Strong Passwords product team in February 2021.
Passwords must adhere to a stringent set of requirements in order to be considered as part of enhanced security measures. More information can be found by clicking here.

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