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Vodafone Router Login

by stacy

Vodafone broadband subscribers probably use one of their Vodafone routers.

This article will show you how to login to your Vodafone router. To manage your home network, it is crucial to be able to access the router settings. This can be done using your wireless router, or the Vodafone app downloaded from Google Play Store.

How do I log into my Vodafone router

You will need to know your default Vodafone router IP address, username, password in order to log into your Vodafone Wi-Fi router. So, let’s do this step by step.

Login before you start

You will need to connect your tablet or smartphone, PC or laptop to the network via a wireless connection. Make sure you have your login credentials (default IP, username, and password) available. These can be found on the router’s bottom.

What is Vodafone’s IP Address?

Vodafone routers use as their default IP address.

If you aren’t sure whether this is the default Vodafone IP address you can easily find the default IP using the Command prompt and typing the IPCONFIG command. The default gateway will be the Vodafone IP address.

What username and password are required for the Vodafone router?

To log into your Vodafone router, you will need the default username/password. These are the default username and password for your Vodafone router:

Ultra Hub (H500t) vodafone Enter the password to access the
Bottom side of the modem
Ultra Hub Plus vodafone Enter the password to access the
Bottom side of the modem
Vodafone B315 or Vodafone B525 admin admin
Vodafone wireless modem (HG659) Admin Type @ and then the last 8 digits of the modem’s serial number
Vodafone Station vodafone Vodafone
Vodafone Broadband Complete Advance Advanced
Technicolor 7210D You can leave the username field empty Password

If you forget your default username or password, you can reset the router to factory settings.

How do I get to my Vodafone router/modem/router?

Once you have the default username and password for Vodafone, you can access the Vodafone router administrator page.

STEP 1 – Launch your web browser

To login to your Vodafone router, you will need to open your web browser. It’s not important which browser you will use.

STEP 2 – Enter in the URL bar

It is best to not type the default Vodafone router address in the Search bar. Enter the URL bar to find the default Vodafone IP address.

You will be asked to enter your username and password after you have entered the IP address.

Vodafone router login page

STEP 3 – Enter the Vodafone router default login details

You will have access to the Vodafone router administration page once you have entered your username and password correctly. Because they are case sensitive, please ensure that you type them correctly.

What should you do after Vodafone router login?

You can manage your wireless home network by logging in to your Vodafone router. The Vodafone Broadband app allows you to manage your Vodafone router from your smartphone. For example, you can:

  • Change your Wireless password, SSID, or network name
  • You can allow others to login to your Wireless network. They can scan a QR Code and they will be able to access it.
  • Check who is connected to your wireless network and even remove or block the devices you don’t recognize or don’t need anymore
  • Establish a separate Guest Wi Fi network
  • You can turn off your Vodafone router, and many other things

Final words

You can login to your Vodafone router easily if you know the router IP address and login credentials. You will now be able to easily navigate through the router settings, making any necessary changes.

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