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Cascaded Router Network Address: WAN-Side Subnet

Two routers can be connected by cascading (either one or both, depending on which router is older). Two routers connected together are called a “cascaded” router. There are many reasons users may want to cascade their routers and create a WAN side subnet for their cascaded router. This article will explain the operation and functionality of this router feature. Continue reading.

Why are Routers Cascaded

To increase the performance and productivity of your home network, cascade two sets of routers. Cascading can make an old router, or one that has been thrown out, quite useful. Cascaded routers can make your old router useful, but it is usually of little use.

This feature allows you to connect multiple devices over your network, both wirelessly and wired. Cascaded routers make it easy to isolate network traffic. Some public domain systems will need to change their WAN addresses into a Subnet. Let’s start by learning what it is.

What is a WAN Side Subnet?

The public side of your router can be seen on the Internet. Technically, the public side is referred as the “WAN (wide area network side) of the Internet” or simply WAN Side Subnet.

We now call the total number of allowed LAN side IP addresses, a subnet. What is a subnet? You can call it a sub-network using just a few of the billion possible numbers.

Cascaded Router Network Address: WAN Side Subnet:

The router allocates the IP address. Cascaded Router Network address will also be available in the WAN Private subnet range. Clients of the cascaded router will usually have access to the Cascaded Router Network Address. They can make the WAN visible for the local public.

The cascaded routers’ WAN IP addresses (Network Addresses) are usually assigned to the main server’s WAN port. This must have an internet connection. It is possible to change the network address of the cascaded routers to a public subnet (public domain) or WAN-side.

These steps will change the network address of your cascaded router to the WAN-side.

These steps are not specific and can be modified to meet your network’s needs.

  • Log in to the User Console of your internet.
  • Click on Settings at the top of your page.
  • Visit the WAN Interface.
  • Find the IP address details.
  • Enter the appropriate WAN-side IP address details.
  • Now run a speed test on your internet connection. Input the speed result into the section called “bandwidth” of your internet. To determine the network speed, make sure you have all other devices off.
  • Click “confirm” now to configure your cascaded router in a WAN subnet setting.

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