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Wavlink Router Login: Configure And Manage Your Network Security

by stacy

A Brief Summary

Configuring and administering your router or wireless home network is a straightforward process. All of the configuration is done through the router’s admin panel, which you can access by following the Wavlink router login steps.

This article will explain how to login to your Wavlink router via its default IP address, default username, and default password.

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to change the default login information if you’ve changed them before to access your router settings.

What you Need:

  • Wavlink router
  • Access to the Internet via WiFi or network cable
  • Login details for Default Wavlink router (IP, username, and password)
  • Smartphone, tablet, and PC

What Do You Need to Know About The Wavlink Router Login Steps

Well, in most cases users don’t bother with the Wavlink router login and setup. The tech guy comes and installs the router and that’s it. It’s all fine.

Problem arises when someone gains access to your home network without you being authorised. The person could easily gain access to your files and network data, as well as mess up your router settings. This can even prevent you from connecting to your home network. Of course, there are much more serious and even illegal things that someone can do, but we won’t focus on that in this article.

It is possible for this reason that you should learn how to login and use basic security measures such as:

  • This will block anyone from accessing the router settings.
  • Setup a new network or change the default name and password.

It is pretty easy to do these changes but first let’s see how to login to the Wavlink router.

NOTE: You may see different images depending on the model of router you’re using.

Login to Wavlink Router [Explained]

These steps will allow you to view your Wavlink router settings. You will be able to access the admin dashboard within a few minutes.

STEP 1 Connect To The Network

Only devices connected to the network are allowed to access router settings. Other devices that are not connected to the network won’t be able to do it.

Take your device (PC or tablet or smartphone) and connect it to WiFi with your wireless password or an Ethernet cable. This is the first step and will make it impossible to log in.

STEP 2 – Launch a Browser on Your Device

A browser can access the Wavlink router configurations. Launch the installed one. It doesn’t matter whether it is Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or any other.

STEP 3 – Enter the Wavlink Router IP in The URL Bar

Wavlink router login IP

Wavlink uses the following login IP/URL as a default one or http://wifi.wavlink.com.

The Wavlink router login pages should open when you type one of these. In case the login page doesn’t open, check whether is the default router IP. This is how to do it correctly: How to Find the Default RouterIP: A Step-by–Step Guide

STEP 4: Login to The Wavlink Login

To grant access to router settings, Wavlink uses this default username and password.

  • Username default admin
  • Password for default: admin

If you haven’t changed these before, use the default ones. You can also use the custom ones you’ve created. Click here to enter the details. OK.

Note: Wavlink routers won’t require passwords for some models.

Wavlink login page

STEP 5 – Now You Can Manage Your Wavlink Routing Settings

If you have entered the correct login details, you’ll see the Wavlink router administration dashboard. All settings are organized in categories so you can simply search and find what you want to customize.

If the Wavlink router admin dashboard does not appear and you receive a wrong username/password error, try looking for the custom credentials if you have them written down elsewhere, or reset the router to factory settings and login using the default credentials.

All changes will be deleted during factory reset. You will need to restart the router after this.

How to secure your Wavlink router (Basic Level).

Although these changes are very basic, they can dramatically increase the security of your router and home network.

Change the Wavlink Router Administration Password

Change the router admin password on Wavlink router to block anyone already connected to your network access to the router settings.

You will need to change your admin password. Log in to your Wavlink router before you start.

Change Wavlink router admin password

Choose from the menu at the left to select Administration.

You will now see the required fields to complete.

The Password from the past field enter the old admin password – admin.

The Create a new password In the following box, enter your new password. Retype the Password field.

Click OK, Save the changes to get a message saying Success! Thank you!

You will then be logged out when you click the OK button. Log back in using the new admin username or password.

Change the Wavlink Router Network name and WiFi password

Login to your Wavlink router, as described above.

Then select WirelessYou can access the menu to the left.

change Wavlink SSID and wifi password

The new page will contain the following: WiFi Password and Name fields. Add the new ones and click the blue OKTo save changes, click the button

You will now need to connect wireless devices to the network name by entering the new password.

Last words

You can see that the Wavlink router login instructions are easy to follow. After you log in successfully, take the time to secure your router with a new password and a unique WiFi password. It will protect you from any potential problems that may arise if someone attempts to access your network without your consent or causes it to be damaged. This will make the network last much longer than if you start from scratch.

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