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What are Time Sensitive Notifications Ios 15

iOS 15: Signeasy is Ready for the Big Day

by stacy

The long-awaited release of iOS 15 is now here! What does one of Apple’s largest iOS releases look like? There is a lot to find and enjoy on both your iPhone and your iPad.

The crew here at Signeasy is really excited too, just like you are. The Signeasy iOS app has received 4.9 out of 5 stars on the App Store, making it the most well regarded option for electronic signing on mobile devices. This is one of the primary reasons why we are an Apple Mobility Partner.

We were really fortunate to obtain an early look at the many fascinating new features that Apple has included in the most recent version of iOS. Take a look at the new features that we’ve developed for iOS 15 based on the information that they’ve shared with us in the updates!

Smart Widgets

Even though widgets have been available since iOS 14, this most recent version increases their functionality to an entirely new level. Your smartphone will now recommend widgets to you depending on the applications you use the most in an effort to make your digital life more streamlined.

What are Signeasy’s new widgets?

Pending: Documents that have been requested to be signed but have not yet been finalised are referred to as “pending.”
Templates: Documents that need to be signed on a regular basis and can be reused frequently can benefit from using templates.
Summary: This displays the current status of all of your papers, including draughts, signature requests that are awaiting input from collaborators, and documents that require your signature.
Widgets in Signeasy give you easy access to your document workflows at a glance, which makes it much simpler to remain on top of your many responsibilities.

Notifications That Are Time-Dependent
With the release of iOS 15, Apple included a new feature called “Focus Mode” to assist users in tuning out notifications and receiving them at a later time when it is more convenient.

But! What happens if these alerts are extremely important? What would happen if you failed to sign an important contract within the allotted amount of time? Doesn’t that go against common sense?

Time-Sensitive Notifications

Users are able to select which notifications are not subject to Focus Mode’s filter by using the Time-Sensitive Notifications feature. If you have Focus Mode activated and receive a ping while it is active, you will have the option to either “Turn Off” or “Leave On” for that particular form of notification. After that, Apple will remember your choice for the next time you use it.

Notification Summary with a Plethora of Rich Notifications
What exactly occurs when you turn off the Focus Mode toggle after you’ve used it for a prolonged period of time to concentrate on your job or studies? The new “Notification Summary” function will provide you with an overview of everything that you have overlooked in the form of a tidily organised list.

Your Summary tray will also include alerts that you have programmed using the new Time-Sensitive Notifications feature. For instance, if you have a daily huddle between the hours of 9 AM and 10 AM, you can tell the Signeasy app to send you a rundown of pending documents immediately after your meeting is over.

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The new “Rich Notifications” feature that Apple has introduced integrates graphics and previews directly into your notifications, making it a tool that is both entertaining and extremely visual.

Rich Notifications on Notification Summary

Every September, in conjunction with the arrival of a new Apple product, we put forth a lot of effort to innovate in ways that will make your regular digital life that much more enjoyable.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about the latest version. Send an email to support@signeasy.com if you have a suggestion regarding which function should be the next one added to the platform. A significant portion of our product improvements are driven by comments and suggestions from users just like you.

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