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What is a Network Security Key and How to find it

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A Key to network securityThis is the password that we use to connect wirelessly. You will need to enter a network key in order to connect to the wireless network. You will need to provide this key to prove you are authorized to connect.

NOTE: Network Security Key also known as Wi Fi password, Passphrase or Pre-shared key, Wireless password, and Wireless network password.

You must choose a security mode for your wireless network to prevent unauthorized access. Right now, choosing is the best option. WPA/WPA2-Personal, WPA2-PSK, and AES encryption protocol. There you will need to add a strong, unique wireless password.

WPA3 security mode is available on certain routers, but due to compatibility with your devices we recommend WPA/WPA2-Personal. You can use WPA3 if your devices are compatible with it.

How to find the key to network security

There are many ways to find the wireless password. It depends on which device you intend to use to search for the network security code. However, to locate the network key, your device must first be connected to the internet.


Windows 10
Command Prompt

#1 on the Wi-Fi router

Two ways to locate the network security code on a wireless router are available.

The FirstOne is to take a look at the sticker on the router’s side or bottom that contains the default router information. But, it is only valid if you still use the default wireless passphrase. We hope that this is not the situation. You must change the default settings to protect the router and wireless networks.

The SecondYou can find it by accessing the router settings and logging in to the router.

To log in to your router, use our router login guides. If your router isn’t mentioned, type the default IP address of your router into the URL bar of your browser. is the most common IP address. If none of these methods work, use the Command Prompt to find the IP address.

Enter your router’s default username and password. These are the most common usernames. Both the user and the administrator admin and password are the most commonly used passwords. If none of these work, check the user’s handbook or look for a label on your router with all of these details printed on it. You can also search the manufacturer’s website or look for a website that has a database of router usernames and passwords.

You can access router settings to find the security key listed under Per-Shared key, Passphrase WiFi password and other options.

#2 Turn on your computer

Finding the network security key on your computer isn’t complicated. Only one thing is required: your computer must be connected to your network. So let’s see how you can do it.

Windows 10

Find the network icon in your taskbar. Click on it, then right-click and choose Open network & Internet settings.

Wireless network icon and Open Network and Internet settings

Scroll down and click “Next” Network and Sharing Center.

Click on the name of your network to the right, and then click on it.

Click on your SSID

Next, click on the Wireless Properties link. Click the button to continue. Security tab In the next window.

Network security key in Windows 10

Take a look at the Show charactersCheckbox to view the network security key

Use the Command prompt

You can feel more tech-savvy by using the Command Prompt to locate the network security key.

Get the Launch Guide Command PromptRight-click the Windows Start button and select Command Prompt.

launch the Command Prompt

Copy and paste the Command Prompt when it opens. Or type the next command, and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard.


All WLAN profiles that you have saved on your computer will appear in the list.


Note the following: Network nameAnd Type it instead of WIFIIn the next command.


Scroll down and you will see the Key Content for the network key you are trying to find.

The network security key is listed as Key Content

#3 iPhone

Your iPhone’s ability to find your wireless password has some restrictions. To be more specific, your iPhone won’t let you see the Wi-Fi password you’ve saved (network security key).

If you’re very determined, you can use your iPhone to identify the router IP and then follow the procedures outlined above in – How to find it on your router.

#4 On Android

The network security key isn’t easy to find in your Android phone’s settings, but there is a solution.

Swipe down on your Android phone’s screen and then long-press the WiFi icon.

WiFi icon on Android

Tap on the network you are connected, and share your Wi Fi password.

Tap the network name to share the password

The QR code will display when you tap the button. Take a photo of it.

You can now upload the image to a QR Code scanner website, such as webqr.com, or install a QR Code reader application on your Android smartphone via Google Play Store.

You can upload the QR code that you have to a screenshot to either the website or to the app. The SSID, encryption, and password will be displayed.

How to change your network security key

You must change your network security key to protect your Wi-Fi network. Most routers today come preconfigured with a default Wi-Fi password so it’s important to change it. You should also create a strong password to protect your Wi-Fi network in case it is compromised.

This will allow you to access your router in a professional manner. How to locate the network security key for your router. You can change your password and create a new one while you’re on the same page.

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