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What Is Email Scan?

by stacy

What Is Email Scan? – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

Email Scanning

Stopping threats with email scanning.

Using email screening to thwart attacks.
Organizations are constantly using email scanning to protect themselves from a range of threats.

For cybercriminals seeking to penetrate an organization’s defenses, email is the most common attack vector. It’s easy to see why: email is the most commonly used form of business communication, and workers are notoriously inept at detecting and preventing email-borne threats.

Organizations may use email scanning technology to automatically search every email message for viruses, malware, and spam. Scanning solutions can also test links and attached files to detect malicious URLs and weaponized attachments that could be used in a ransomware attack. Email scanning services may search for unusual addresses, domains, and other indicators of email spoofing, which is often used in impersonation attacks.

The importance of selecting the right email scanning solution cannot be overstated. IT administrators need an email scanning technology that is simple to implement and use, particularly with so many other goals and strategic initiatives to manage. That’s why Mimecast’s email protection solutions are used by so many businesses around the world.

Easy-to-use email scanning services from Mimecast.

Mimecast is comprehensive email protection, continuity, archiving, enforcement, and backup and recovery solution. Mimecast’s technology, which is available as a cloud-based subscription service, requires no hardware or software investment and offers easy-to-use resources that can be operated from a single pane of glass, easing the pressure on IT teams.

Both Mimecast email protection services include email scanning. Mimecast will search all inbound, outbound, and internal communications, comparing them to the most recent threat information as well as corporate content management and DLP policies to block, quarantine, or flag emails that could contain a variety of threats to the company.

Email scanning for a broad range of threats.

Mimecast employs email scanning technology to detect the following:

Viruses, ransomware, and spam are all threats. All inbound email is scanned by Mimecast Email Security Gateway, which provides powerful anti-virus and anti-spam protection.

URLs and attachments that are malicious. Mimecast offers URL security by analyzing all inbound emails for potentially malicious connections using URL analysis. Mimecast also looks for malicious code in attachments and rewrites or sandboxes suspicious documents.

Techniques in social engineering The email scanning technology from Mimecast detects content that may indicate a phishing or spear-phishing attack.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Mimecast assists in the fight against ransomware by using email scanning to avoid attacks and email archiving to mitigate the effects of an attack.

Attempts at impersonation Mimecast looks for spoofing attacks by scanning headers, domains, and email body text.

Data leakage and insider threats Mimecast also scans outbound and internal emails for possible leaks and to detect potentially malicious actions by employees.

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