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What is Wework’s Mission

WeWork partners with Signeasy to offer eSignatures to their community

by stacy

As a newly established business, we are well aware of the significance of embracing the hustle while avoiding the headache. Because of this, we are extremely passionate about connecting people with productivity solutions that will increase their efficiency in their personal lives as well as their professional lives.

Keeping this objective in mind, we are ecstatic to share the news that as of today, Signeasy has become an official integrated partner of the WeWork Services Store. The WeWork Services Store is a members-only marketplace that offers members discounted access to various types of business software and services. The WeWork Services Store is an internal app store that provides individualised suggestions and unique deals for WeWork members in order to expedite the process of discovering, maintaining, and purchasing SaaS tools. As a Store member, Signeasy joins the ranks of other well-loved business tools such as Amazon Web Services, Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, Office 365, and Expensify, and we provide a discounted price on all of our plan options in addition to a free trial period of 14 days to get you all set up.

Because of this cooperation, we will now be able to provide the great creators and innovators who work at WeWork with a solution that is both secure and simple to use when it comes to signing contracts, agreements, invoices, and other documents while they are on the move!

WeWork’s purpose is to inspire connectedness, creativity, and productivity across its worldwide community of coworking spaces. The Services Store is the most recent step that WeWork has taken to support this mission.

Signeasy is contributing to the success of this aim by providing businesses and individuals with the resources they require to conduct their operations efficiently and reduce the amount of paperwork they must complete.

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