Where Can I Get Something Scanned And Emailed?

by stacy
Where Can I Get A Document Scanned And Emailed ?

How to Scan & Email a Document?

Since you won’t have to think about printing or postage costs, scanning and submitting a personal or business document as an email attachment will save you time and money. While selecting the appropriate file format is critical, the process is simple, and scanning procedures are similar if you use a standalone scanner or a multifunction printer. The same is valid for adding a scanned document to an email since most email systems have similar attachment procedures.

Scan the Document

Using a clean soft cloth, wipe down the scanner glass. Place the paper on the scanner glass, face down. Lower the cover after aligning it with guideline markers across the circumference of the bottle. Select “scan” from the printer menu, then select the device on which you want to scan the document, the file form, and the scan will begin. Open the program you installed during setup and check the document from your computer as an alternative.

Save and Rename the Scanned File

After the scan is finished, Windows Explorer or My Documents will automatically open. The last scan on the chart will be the one you just finished. Open the document and double-check that it was scanned correctly before clicking the “Save” button. Change the file’s name from Scan0001.jpg to something more specific, like “Company Phone List,” and save it to a convenient place.

Attach the Document to an Email

A paper can be attached to an email in two ways. Right-click the file name from its current position in the first method. Select “send to” and then “mail recipient” from the pop-up menu that appears. The paper will already be attached in a new message window. Open your email program and write a new message as a second choice. When you’re finished, go to the top of the message window and click the “connect file” button. Pick the text file from the place where you saved it and press “insert.” Without any further action on your part, the file will automatically connect, and you can then submit the email.

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