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Where Can You Go To Scan And Email A Document

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where can you scan and email a document – Steps

Scanners, printers and copying machines all have the ability to scan and email files to any email address. The scanning and emailing of the file depends on the machine type.

Scanners, printers and copy machines all have the ability to scan files and email them to any email address in a PDF format. The way the file is scanned and emailed depends on the machine type you have.

Scan/Email from the Same Computer

  • Place the document you want to scan face down on the glass surface of the machine. Make sure the surface of any particles or debris is clean.
  • Choose your scan format. Select “PDF” in this case.
  • Name your file before scanning if this choice is given to you.
  • Send the scanned PDF file to the email address you want.
  • To scan and e-mail your PDF file directly from the copy machine, scanner or printer, press the “Start” button.

From Scanner to Computer

  • Put your document face down on the glass of your scanner again to make sure the glass is clean.
  • Open your computer’s scanning program and pick the sample to save in “PDF” format.
  • Specify the directory of the file you want to save the PDF file and click “Preview.”
  • Preview your scan and press “Scan” if the way our document looks satisfied.
  • Open your email and email address. Enter the subject, message, and attach the scanned PDF file to the folder in which it has been saved. Send your email. Send your email.


The machines differ and the process of achieving the actions and buttons you want to push varies. Consult the special manual of your machine for instructions specifically relevant to the making and development of your machine.

Scan and edit a document

Scan and edit a document as a PDF file in Word

Tip: The conversion works best with mostly text documents.

  1. Scan your document by your scanner instructions and save it as a .pdf file on your computer.
  2. Click File > Open in Word.
  3. Browse to your computer’s PDF file location and click Open.
  4. A message appears that Word will turn a PDF file into a Text document that can be edited. Click OK. Click OK.
  5. The converted document may not be able to match the original page by page. Lines and pages, for instance, can break at various locations. See Opening PDFs in Word for more information.

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