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by stacy

How to whitelist an email address with Gmail, Outlook.com, or Yahoo! Mail

You are trying to reset your password. The site says to check your inbox for a password change email. However, there is no email in the inbox. This can happen when you sign up for a site or add an email address to a profile. This can also prevent you from receiving posts from an online group (also known as a mailing list).

Yahoo! Mail, Outlook.com, and Gmail are all available. Who are you going to call with your mail?

whitelist your email address with Gmail or Outlook.com to get the email that you desire. Mail. This guide will show you how.

 Why you’re not getting the emails

Gmail, Outlook.com, and Yahoo! Mail blocks email to prevent spam, phishing, and other malicious emails. They are mistakenly sending you emails you don’t need.

Ask your email provider to block or whitelist a particular email address to increase the likelihood of it getting through. This is how you do it for Gmail, Outlook.com, or Yahoo! Mail.

How to whitelist email addresses with Gmail

Log in to your Gmail.com account and follow the instructions.

Add the address to your contact list

Add the email address that is sending you an email (eg support@onlinegroups.net) to your Gmail Contacts. Google will typically deliver emails to addresses in your Contacts.

Mark messages as ‘Not spam

Gmail may have marked your emails as spam if you want to whitelist them.

  1. Navigate to the spam folder in Gmail.
  2. You can search for emails that contain the domain you want to whitelist (eg, onlinegroups.net).
  3. You can select all of the email addresses shown.
  4. Click More, then Not Spam.

Make a filter to find the address

To tell Google to whitelist email from a particular domain or group, create a filter.

  1. Click on the cog icon at the top-right corner and then Setting
  2. Click on Filters, then To create a new filter
  3. You can choose either
    • Enter the domain for the email that you wish to whitelist in either the From field, or
    • Enter the email address from the online group that you wish to whitelist in the To field
  4. Use to create a filter for this search
  5. Enter If you receive a message that matches the search choose
  6. Click on the Create filter link

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