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Why Does My Verizon Phone Say Mobile Network Not Available?

by stacy

Verizon Mobile Network Not Available: 3 Ways To Fix

Verizon offers very strong coverage. There is no doubt that Verizon has a strong network of towers, particularly in the North American region. If you see this error, it could be due to “Verizon mobile network not available”. You will need guidance to resolve this problem.

Verizon Mobile Network Not Available

This is nothing to worry about as it is easily fixed. Here are some things you should try:

1 Check for Coverage

You will first need to verify that your mobile network is covered. If you live in an urban area, ensure that your mobile network coverage is not compromised by a basement or walls. This can sometimes cause signal loss.

Verizon’s network is excellent and works in rural and suburban areas. However, towers must be placed at some distance. This is a reasonable decision since there aren’t many users in these areas. You will need to climb to higher places, such as a roof or a hill if you want to receive the signals.

2 Restart your phone

Sometimes there may not be any problems, but sometimes your phone is not receiving the signals because of a small error. This is the most common reason people experience such problems, but it can be fixed quickly. You will simply need to reboot your phone and then try it again.

After rebooting the phone, it will disconnect it from the network and reconnect it again. After the phone has been connected, it will send the correct signals to you and you won’t have to deal with the dysconnectivity issue once again.

3) Reset network settings

Also, you will need to ensure that your network settings are selected at the auto selection. You might not be able to make the application work if you’ve recently installed a third-party app that requested access to these settings.

Reset the default settings and uninstall any of these applications. After you’ve done this, restart your phone to turn off the automatic selection feature. Your phone will work fine after the restart. You will be able to connect to the Verizon network to make and receive calls, and you can access data over 4G without any issues.

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