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Why Hr is Not Sending Offer Letter

How do electronic signatures benefit HR professionals

by stacy

During the onboarding process for a new employee, an HR professional may process anywhere from 10 to more than 60 documents.

Paperwork is an HR nightmare due to the sheer quantity of jobs that need to be completed by the Human Resources department, as well as the high levels of compliance and documentation that are required in each and every one of these tasks. It begins with the job offer letter and continues through employment contracts, salary plans, security policies, and benefits enrolment, among other things, over the course of an employee’s whole employment tenure.

Paperwork is the primary obstacle that prevents human resource management professionals from achieving their primary objectives, which include boosting employee productivity, optimising organisational processes, and hiring qualified candidates.

The following is a list of the five ways in which electronic signatures can aid human resource workers and assure that paperwork will no longer impede productivity:

Speed up recruitment and onboarding

It is imperative that delays in the sending out of the offer and getting it signed not result in the loss of the ideal candidate. Your workflows can be sped up by utilising electronic signatures because this will allow you to get the manager and the potential employee to sign the offer letter in a more expedient and easy manner. Electronic signatures make it possible for new employees to quickly fill out and sign documents electronically, so they may devote their first few days on the job to getting to know their coworkers rather than signing paperwork.

Ensure a positive employee experience

Electronic signatures can be used from the very beginning of the recruitment process, which demonstrates to potential employees that the organisation is technologically progressive and adaptable, as well as concerned about making procedures simpler for their personnel. Employees need to sign a large number of documents that are required by HR departments, and if there is a straightforward procedure for completing these tasks, it will be easier on the workforce.

Get faster approvals
Electronic signatures make it possible for human resources personnel to speed up operations by obtaining approvals more quickly. This helps to streamline workflows including the management of employee leaves and expenses, payroll, and other operations related to employees.

Switch to an end-to-end digitized process

Electronic signatures are helpful in bridging the last mile disconnect in a process that is otherwise completely digital from beginning to end. If you move every step of the documentation process online, you will be able to conveniently keep electronic records of every form and agreement, search for them, and access them anytime you need to. Keeping records online is a more time and cost efficient option for the Human Resources department, which is required by law to comply with document retention requirements.

Check for correctness and ensure compliance.
The traditional use of paper documents always results in inconsistencies and mistakes being made. These errors end up having a negative impact on our efforts. Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary for human resources departments to maintain compliance with significant processes, legislation, and audits. Electronic signatures guarantee that these inconsistencies will be kept to a minimum and that crucial checkpoints will not be neglected.

Signeasy is the tool that HR professionals all over the world rely on to streamline their documentation processes. The following is an example of such a scenario told by Kathy Winchell, who is the HR Director at Dalhart ISD.

“In the past, we had to wait for many weeks before we could file documents like contracts and letters of assurance since we had to wait for their return. The entire procedure has been streamlined and simplified to the point where it can now be completed in fewer than ten hours thanks to Signeasy.

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