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Why Is Arris Modem DS Light Blinking Orange? And 5 Easy Solutions

by stacy

Are you seeing the Arris Modem DS light turn orange? Is your internet connection down? If you see an orange light and you think your internet connection is down, then this article is for it.

We will explain in the following paragraphs what the flashing orange DS light means on your Arris modem and how to fix it to restore your internet connection.

Arris Modem Light Blinking Orange – Why Does It Happen?

This light usually indicates that the modem is scanning for a Downstream (Receive) channel connection and is unable to establish one, or that the Downstream connection has been lost.

This light should stop blinking once the connection is established. This behavior should stop if it continues or is accompanied with a loss in internet connection. It is something that requires our attention and must immediately be fixed.

Here are some tested solutions to fix your Arris Modem DS light starting blinking orange.

Restart Your Arris Modm

Although it is simple, this solution has been very effective.

First, turn off your modem. Next, disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet. The modem can also be disconnected from other cables (Ethernet and coax). For a few moments, leave the modem off. Connect the cables, then plug in power cable. After it has booted properly, turn on the modem.

After the modem’s LED indicator lights have stabilized, check the DS lamp to verify that it is still blinking. The following steps can be used if the blinking does not stop.

Verify the Cables and Connections

You should pay close attention to several factors when checking the connectors and cables. Check that the cables are not bent or damaged. Make sure that all connectors are securely inserted into the appropriate ports. You can connect the modem directly to your cable if you’re using a splitter/micro-filter. If it is working well, you can replace the splitter/micro-filter.

You can connect another cable whenever you spot something. Some wires can only be replaced by a specialist, however if none of the above alternatives work, you’ll need to call support.

Are You Affected by an Outage?

An outage caused by scheduled maintenance or technical problems on your ISP’s side can result in the DS light blinking orange. If you are unsure if this is the cause, you can call support to ask them direct if there is an issue in your area. Or, you can visit third-party websites which provide a live overview of outages as well as other issues related to all types of services.

You should wait until your ISPs tech staff resolves the problem if you are certain that an outage has occurred. The DS light will turn off once the issue is resolved. If the problem is not serious, you can try the following solutions.

Reset your Arris Modem to Factory Defaults

IMPORTANT:You must know that your current modem configuration will be deleted before you can reset your modem back to factory settings. After the factory reset is complete, you will need to reconfigure the modem.

reset button on Arris modem

The modem’s rear side has the reset button. Locate it, then press the button for 10 seconds with a pointed object (a pen or a paperclip). Release the button, and your modem should restart. You will now be able login to your Arris modem with the default admin username, password and email address. These are adminFor the username PasswordUse it as a password

After you have set up your modem, check that the DS light is on again. Hopefully, this will fix the issue, but in case it doesn’t, the last solution is to get in touch with support.

Get support from your ISP

The ISP support team can check your connection to see if anything is amiss with the US/DS values. They will also reset your connection and help you with troubleshooting. If they can’t then they can send a technician to check what the problem is. If he suspects the problem, he can inspect the cables and repair the damaged ones.

Last words

We hope the solutions in this article helped you to fix the Arris Modem DS light that is blinking orange. Even if all the options have failed, you can always ask your ISP support for assistance. We normally advocate this as a last resort, but if you don’t want to go through all of the other options, you may always contact them for assistance.

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