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Why is My 100 MBPS Internet Slow?

by stacy

Why Is My 100 Mbps Internet Slow? (4 Ways To Fix)

Everybody wants the fastest internet speeds and will pay for what they require. A higher internet package offers faster internet speeds and greater bandwidth. Many people have the same problem: they don’t get the internet speed they pay for.

One of the most popular packages is the 100 Mbps internet connection. Many internet users are constantly asking their ISP providers and others why their 100 Mbps internet connection is so slow. There are many reasons why users don’t get the speed they want.


Why is it that not everyone gets the speed they pay for? These are some of the reasons:

  • Although the ISP may offer the fastest speed, it is not possible to achieve 100% speed due to data loss. It is impossible.
  • Wireless connections can also lead to packet loss and large amounts of data. Interference from other electronic devices is also a factor.
  • The internet speed is affected by the speed of your computer and your network connection, as well as how many people are visiting a specific site.

Why is my 100 Mbps internet slow? Problem Solving

These are the ways you can check your internet speed to see if there are any speed issues.

1) Wi-Fi

You shouldn’t use your Wi-Fi for comparing the speed of your internet connection as it can limit some factors. Most Wi-Fi standards don’t support 100 Mbps internet speeds. The internet speed and download rates are affected by electrical interference, distance from other devices and walls. You should not test your internet speed via Wi-Fi as there are many factors that can affect it.

2 Wired

An Ethernet cable is a great way to test your internet connection and speed. Ethernet standards are not limited in speed, unlike Wi-Fi. You can set the speed to 100Mbps and then test it out.

3) One Device

One router can have many devices connected to it, which affects the internet speed at the receiving end. One common method to check the internet speed is to go solo and only test it with one device. The router will transfer all data and traffic to one device, allowing you to test the internet speed faster and more smoothly. This makes it easier to test the 100 Mbps connection.

4) Get Close

This refers to moving closer to the device or router that transmits or sends internet packets to your devices. The internet speed will be affected if you are closer to the source. This will eliminate any interferences between the router and the device.

This is a great way to test the internet speed. It can tell you if your ISP is offering the promised speed and how reliable it is. This way, you can test the 100 Mbps internet connection and find out how fast you actually get from your ISP.


We all know that internet speed can be affected by congestion, throttling and other factors. This means that we may not get the speed we paid for. You can determine the potential speed of your internet connection by comparing the internet speed at different times. This includes peak hours, as speed fluctuates at times.

Answer to the question “Why is my 100Mbps internet slow?” is that the ISP provider can’t direct data towards one client. The environment, as well as the surrounding of the user, and the location and position of the internet source all have a significant impact on the internet speed.

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