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Why Is The AT&T Broadband Light Blinking Red And Green, And How To Fix It?

by stacy
AT&T Broadband Light Blinking Red And Green

AT&T is one of the best internet service providers in the United States, so it does its best to give good service. AT&T users sometimes have problems connecting. They say that their routers are blinking green and the broadband light is flickering red, but they don’t know why.

There is no need to look any further for help with the AT&T Broadband light blinking red and green. Because the red and green lights blink, this article will explain why and what you can do to fix it.

So, let’s start!

AT&T Broadband Light Blinking Red & Green: Reasons

As a general rule, if our AT&T gateway lights up red and green for three minutes, it means that the broadband connection didn’t work even after that. Once your broadband connection is established, the blinking green or red light will cease.

How to Fix The AT&T Broadband Light Blinking Red & Green?

It is easy to fix this problem. Just follow the steps. Since the broadband connection can’t be established for some reason we have to take a look at what may be causing this issue. So, let’s check the most effective solutions.

Make sure to check all the cables and connectors

There are many things you can do when we say check cables and connectors.

  • Verify that the cables are connected properly
  • Make sure they are securely connected
  • Verify that the cables are not damaged

It is possible to accidentally connect the wrong cable to a port when installing new equipment. This can lead to broadband connection issues. When you do that, we recommend placing your old router and the new one side-by-side. Then disconnect each cable and reconnect them. This will reduce the chance of accidentally plugging in the wrong cable.

Loose cables can cause major problems because it is hard to see the problem without inspecting the connection. We recommend that you check the connectors at both ends of each cable to ensure there aren’t any loose connections.

An unreliable connector or damaged cable can also lead to the problems we will be discussing. If you see any damage to your cables or unnatural bends, replace the cable. Then check if the broadband green or red lights are still blinking.

Restart the AT&T Router

This solution is simple but effective and will resolve any problems you may have with your network devices.

To restart your AT&T router manually you need to unplug it from the power source and after 15-20 seconds, plug it back again. Wait for your router to start up. Hopefully, you’ll see a solid green signal indicating that it is connected to the broadband network.

Hard-Reset the AT&T Router

If the tips given above haven’t helped you fix the broadband light blinking green and red problem, then it is recommended to hard-reset the router. The router will then be reset to its factory settings. This means that any changes you make to the router’s settings will be lost. This includes port forwarding, static IP address, and port forwarding. custom network name and wireless password. You will be able connect to the network after you have reset the router hard. login to your AT&T router. Use the default administrator username and password.

reset button on AT&T Arris BGW210

If you decide to hard-reset your AT&T router follow these steps:

  1. Locate the reset button at the back.
  2. Depending on your router model, you can press it with a paperclip or similar object or simply press the Reset button using your finger. Hold it that way for 10 seconds or more.
  3. The router will then restart. The router will restart when it boots up and all LED lights on it become stable. green and red blinking light Should be history. Instead, look for a solid green light.

Contact Support

The article below has given you ideas of the most frequently used solutions when it comes to fixing the AT&T Broadband light blinking red and green. You should have been able to solve the problem by now. If not, please ask. the AT&T Support. You can get them on live chat to assist you in fixing the issue. You can reach them via live chat and ask for them to perform some tests to determine the cause of the problem. In the event that remote troubleshooting is unsuccessful, they will send a technician out to diagnose and fix the problem. We are confident that your broadband connection will be up and running in no time.

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