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Why Is Verizon Jetpack Not Working Properly?

by stacy

Verizon Jetpack, an incredible and very useful device! The Jetpack allows you to access a mobile hotspot from anywhere without draining your battery. It also provides stronger signals than regular hotspots.

What happens if Jetpack stops working properly? Let’s look into possible issues that could happen and how to solve them.

Verizon Jetpack

Verizon Jetpack is Not Working

Jetpack suddenly turned off without you pressing any power buttons? There could be a number of reasons why Jetpack suddenly shut down without you pressing the power button. One reason could be that an object is pressing against the power or master reset buttons. Alternatively, you’ve switched your profiles, which can lead to the Jetpack just turning off.

After turning it on again, the new profile should be installed. Furthermore, Jetpack usually automatically turns off when you’re poking around the configuration settings.


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Due to a low battery, Jetpack may have ceased working. Examining the Jetpack device will reveal whether you’re dealing with this type of problem. Jetpack’s battery gets depleted if the lights are turned off and you can’t turn it back on.

You already know that if your device’s battery is low, the only way to get it to work is to charge it. Many users, however, have observed that when their Verizon Jetpack switches off due to low battery, it does not immediately turn back on when charged. That is why you should manually hold the power button on the gadget until it turns back on. Connect it to the wall outlet.

Jetpack Doesn’t Work Properly

There are two key reasons why your Jetpack device isn’t working properly, according to Verizon. The first issue can occur if other devices are consuming Jetpack’s system resources. In that circumstance, your Jetpack gadget will either not work or will not be able to offer you with a stable internet connection.

The second reason your Verizon Jetpack device isn’t working properly is because you don’t have access to the network coverage you require. This issue could have a variety of causes.

Problems with Verizon Jetpack Coverage

When it comes to the coverage region, keep in mind that the Jetpack’s maximum range is limited. The maximum capacity of your gadget is usually listed on the box or in the instructions that came with it. You may also search up your model’s specifications on the Verizon website.

The signal may become weaker if you move the Jetpack farther away from you. This will solve most of your coverage issues. Simply place the device as close as possible to you.

You should also remove signal obstructions from your environment. Like regular wireless routers your Jetpack requires open space to allow for strong internet connectivity. You can improve your signal by removing large pieces of furniture, and placing the Verizon jetpack higher up than the floor and farther from the wall.

Moreover, you might be using your Jetpack device in a location where these services aren’t available. You should research the areas where Verizon services are available and contact customer service.

Troubleshooting Your Verizon Account

Many issues with your Verizon account will have no impact on Jetpack services, but others will. It’s possible that you have past-due invoices or that you failed to renew your subscription. This problem can be simply resolved by logging into your Verizon online account.

After entering your credentials, go to the subscriptions and dues areas. You should be able to get all of the information you need about your financial commitments and plans there.

The only method to get your internet connection back is to pay your bills on promptly. Plans that have been inactive for a long time must be restarted. Most of the time, you’ll be able to do so using your Verizon account. Verizon’s app is also available. If it doesn’t work, you can contact Verizon customer support to have your subscription plan reactivated or changed.

Troubleshooting Verizon Jetpack Network Issues

There could be many reasons your Verizon Jetpack isn’t working properly or not functioning at all. The problem that might occur can be related to external sources, such as the location you’re in. What’s more, your Jetpack device could be the cause of the issue.


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To avoid lengthy tests that are unlikely to resolve the issue, simply restart or reset your Jetpack. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to restart your phone, computer, and any other Verizon Jetpack-connected devices. If it doesn’t work, you can call customer service or go to the Verizon website’s troubleshooting area.

Perform a soft reset on your Verizon Jetpack Device

The Jetpack gadget is simply rebooted after a soft reset. You’ll need to press and hold the power button to accomplish this. In most circumstances, a notice such as “Verizon Mi-Fi Powering Off” would appear on the device. You’ll notice a light blinking in others.

Release the button if you notice any indicators from your device. If you’re having trouble turning the Jetpack off, remove the battery, wait a few minutes, and then replace it. The device will be restarted as a result of this action.

Factory Resetting the Jetpack

If nothing else works, resetting your Jetpack is a viable alternative. You should only use the reset as a last resort. This is due to the fact that this procedure will reset the device to its factory defaults. As a result, you’ll need to reconnect Jetpack to all of your devices and start over.

You may reset Jetpack by pressing a little reset button behind the battery cover with a paperclip or a pen. Wait for the display light to flash after that. The message “Mi-Fi Powering Off” appears. In five to six seconds, the message should show.

Because not every Jetpack gadget is the same, there’s a potential you won’t see a message on the screen and will have to rely on the lights instead. Before turning off, the green light should flash briefly. This is how you’ll know your Jetpack has gone into reset mode.

Final Conclusion

You should now be able to troubleshoot the Verizon Jetpack and have a working mobile hotspot. We tried to cover all possible issues and best ways to solve them. If you weren’t able to find a solution here, the only thing left is to contact Verizon customer service.

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