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Windstream Router Login With the Default IP

by stacy

A Brief Summary

This article will cover the login process for Windstream routers using the default IP address of Windstream router users need to be able to log in to their router, change some default settings, set port forwarding, and other things to secure their wireless network.

Before you login to Windstream router

These are the steps to ensure that the Windstream router login goes as planned.

  • Is the Windstream router properly plugged?
  • Are you familiar with the default router login details (default username, password and IP)?
  • Are you able to log in from the device?

What is the default router IP of Windstream?

All Windstream routers can be accessed using the default IP

In case the login page doesn’t show up when you enter this IP in the browser’s URL It is recommended to check whether is the correct default IP. This guide will help you find the correct default router IP.

What password and username are used for the Windstream router?

You can have different default login details depending on the router that Windstream has provided. You can take this as an example:

Sagem 4320 & Sagem 1704N

These routers use “admin” as a username and as a password.

Sagem 2705

This router’s default username is admin

The label is four characters in length and can be found on router’s back.


This router’s default username is admin

The router’s password is printed on a label that can be found on its side. It is unique for each router.

*Just like other username and passwords the Windstream router login details are case-sensitive.

How can I log in to my Windstream router

If you’ve already taken down the default IP and username, you can follow these steps for login to your Windstream router.

STEP 1 – Connect to the network

When you attempt to login to a router, the first thing to do is to connect to its network. Otherwise you won’t be able to login. You have two options: you can use a network cable (which is preferred), or you can use the wireless connection.

STEP 2: Visit using your browser

You can use any browser that you have already installed on your device. You can simply launch the browser and type in or click on the link. If the IP is correct, Windstream will display the login page.

Windstream router login window

STEP 3 – Enter the Windstream login details

Enter your default Windstream login details and hit Enter to log in.

And that’s it!

You can now check your Windstream router settings and make any necessary changes to protect your network.

Windstream Sagem 1704 settings

What to do if the Windstream login or settings page doesn’t show up?

Pease note that in case the default login details don’t take you to the Windstream router settings page you have to check the following:

  1. Check if you are connected to the internet
  2. All cables and wires should be inspected
  3. You can check if the default router’s IP address is.
  4. Verify that you have entered the IP address or login information correctly.
  5. For the correct login details, check the label of the router

In case you don’t have the default login username and password or you have forgotten them you will have to hard-reset your router.

How to reset your Windstream router hard

When we say “hard-reset” we mean resetting the router back to factory settings. This is the last step you should take if the default username and password don’t work, because it simply erases all the changes you have made previously in the router settings. This includes your network name, wireless password, or any other settings you may have modified. After the hard reset, the router will need to be set up from scratch. You also need to update the wireless password on all devices connected to your Wi Fi network.

The factory reset steps can be based on the official Windstream guides.

  1. You will find the reset button on the router’s back. It is normally hidden and can’t be easily reached in order to prevent accidental resetting. A pen or a paperclip are required to access the button.
  2. Put the pen or paperclip into the hole. Hold the button down until the router lights flash. For at least three seconds, keep the button pressed.
  3. Once the router lights are stable, you can login to Windstream router using the default login details.

Final words

We hope you haven’t had any problems to login to your Windstream router and you are checking all the setting options you can modify. In case you plan to make some changes in the router settings, it would be wise to note them down if you haven’t done it before.  You should also keep your Windstream router login details handy just in case.

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