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Xerox Workcentre 6027 Scan To Email

by stacy

Solution to Xerox 6027 Scan to Email SMTP Setup

I found a solution for all of you who are utterly annoyed with how to set up the “Scan to Email” functionality on your Xerox 6027!!

After several hours and Xerox support calls trying to get gmail or yahoo to work as my SMPT server without success, I discovered a technique that works:

(1) Sign up for a free SMTP2GO account. To authenticate your SMTP2GO account, you’ll need to provide a valid email address. Because Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail wouldn’t work for me, I had to use SMTP2GO. SPTP2GO is free for the first 20 usage per day, with affordable pricing for higher volume customers.

(2) Verify your SMTP2GO account, then log in and note the SMTP Server and Port No provided by your SMTP2GO account. Your SMTP2GO Login Email, for example, is “test@gmail.com” and your password is “test123.” “smtpcorp.com” is the SMTP server, and “2525” is the SMTP port.

(3) Next, navigate to Settings > More> Address Authentication on the SMTP2GO page and type in the email address you want to send email from without authentication, such as “test@mail.com.”

(4) Go to the following page on your Xerox Centreware account: Select Properties>Protocols>Email Server and make the following changes.

(5) Email address of the machine: test@mail.com

(6) SMTP Server Address: (according to the SMTP2GO site, some devices (fax machines, etc.) may benefit from using your SMTP server’s IP address rather than its name (i.e. if your SMTP server is smtpcorp.com, or if your SMTP server is smtp2go.com), in my case, the IP

SMTP Port Number: 2525


(9) Test@gmail.com is the login name (this is your SMTP2GO User Email Login)

(10) Test123 as a password (this is your SMTP2GO User Password)

(11) Enter the password again: test 123

(12) omit the POP3 server address

POP3 Server Port Number: 995

(14) Leave the POP3 Login Name field empty.

(15) Enter the following POP3 password: test123 (this is your SMTP2GO User Password)

(16) Enter the POP3 Password: test123 once more.

(17) Press the APPLY button.


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