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Xfinity Box Says Boot (Causes and Solutions)

by stacy

Xfinity offers a range of services. The cable TV service is popular because it allows you to access many shows. Xfinity TV offers different TV box models. Xfinity TV subscribers are often faced with a problem where their TV box gets stuck on the boot and cannot be removed. This article will explain how to overcome this problem.

What causes the box to get stuck on boot?

The internet is used to provide service provision for TV boxes. Every time the box goes offline, it must re-establish internet connectivity to load your program information and preferences.

If the TV box indicates That’s what boot means It is communicating with Comcast servers in order to retrieve unique information specific to your TV box.

You may hear the TV box say “Boot for extended periods” for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that the signal is weak, or the cable connection has gone bad.

It will take the TV box a while to get back to full functionality even for normal occasions. The box must wait for an internet gateway to connect before it can regain full functionality. After the connection is established, the box then uses the connection to reconnect to Comcast’s servers.

The solutions below are recommended if the boot process takes longer than 30 minutes.

What do you do if your TV Box is stuck on Boot?

  • Check out the Cables

An incompatible cable can cause the TV box to be stuck on the boot. The boot time can be extended by loosely attached cables.

Also, ensure that all cables are properly connected and plugged in to the correct ports. The gateway must be turned on to allow the box’s internet access.

You must ensure that the ports are clean.

  • Restart the box

To re-establish connection, the easiest and best solution is to reboot the box. Any software bugs that could be causing lagging will be resolved by restarting your box.

There are many ways to restart your box. There are several options.

  • The Power Cord/Mains Switch

The TV box such as the XG1v4 TV Boxes DVR, Xi5And Xi6 There is no power button.

Turn the mains switch to turn them on or unplug their power cord. Plug the power cord into the outlet again.

Be sure to wait at minimum 10 seconds before turning on the box.

  • Using Voice Control

If you own an Xfinity voice remote you can turn on the TV by saying “Xfinity Voice Remote”. “Restart TV Box” After pressing the microphone button on your remote.

Restart TV Box

  • Use the Device Setting

Use the Xfinity Use the button on your remote to activate it. To get to the destination, use the navigation buttons on the remote. Icon SettingsIf so, OK.

Next, scroll down to Device settings>OK. Scroll down Power Preferences>OK.

Scroll down and you will find it. Restart>OK Navigate Right >Restart>OK.

The alternative is to go to Settings>Help>Restart.

VIDEO TUTORIAL – How to Restart Xfinity Cable Box

  • Using the Xfinity Account

Log into your Xfinity Account and then scroll down Manage TV.

Next, click on ” TroubleshootClick on the option and then click Continue. 

On the next screen, you will see two options. System Refresh And Restart the device.

You have the option to choose one or both, but System Refresh is recommended for a complete restart., then select Start Troubleshooting.

Ensure that you don’t interrupt any connections during the box’s restart. The remote control can be used to restart the TV box. ServicesOr Devices tab.

  • Use the My Account App

Sign in to the app for Android or iPhone.

Navigate to the app by opening it TVTile, then choose Troubleshooting.

Select either the Refresh Your System Or Restart your device Options.

TapTroubleshooting is the first step Then wait for the system reboot to take effect.

Start Troubleshooting

  • Use the Power Button

If your TV box has a Power buttonPress it for 10 secondsPlace the key in the box and press OK.

Resetting the box should only be attempted if other methods fail.

To fix the boot problem, you might have to restart your TV box several times. You can restart the TV box by turning it off and waiting at least five minutes before you try again. Next, allow the box to rest and reconnect before moving on to the next solution.

  • Restart the Xfinity Gateway

If restarting does not resolve the problem, it could be the gateway. Make sure it has an internet connection.

The Xfinity App and Xfinity account online can be used to restart the gateway.

Access your account by using your Xfinity ID or password. Then navigate to the website. internet services tab>Devices. 

Click on the gateway to locate it. Restart modem>Start troubleshooting Wait for the gateway to restart.

Restart modem

If the troubleshooting does not resolve your problem, you will be prompted for customer support to schedule an appointment.

To restart the gateway, you can also use Xfinity’s app. Log in with your credentials and you will be able to access the app. overview, Select internet. Next, tap on This device should be restarted If you use an iPhone, TroubleshootAndroid.

  • Buy a new TV box

Sometimes, the TV box will not return to its original condition if you alter the settings. The boxes are rented through Xfinity and can be damaged or worn by multiple users.

For a new box, please contact customer support. Let the representative know if they are willing to look at other options before sending you a new box.

However, make sure you inform them about the steps that you took to resolve the problem. This will help you both save time and get to a solution quicker.

To avoid similar issues in the future, you should always get the most recent Xfinity TV Box version.

Subscribers living in selected areas can order a brand new TV box by accessing channel 1995 on their existing box. For the most current Xfinity equipment, you can visit a Comcast Service Centre in your area.

However, you will pay a small fee to get a new TV box and professional installation.

This site can be used to verify if your current gateway is capable of supporting the Xfinity services.


Hopefully the above options have helped you move from the welcome screen and allow you to enjoy the programs on your Xfinity TV. If the problem persists after you’ve tried the suggestions, Xfinity can exchange your box for a brand new one.

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