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How to manage your Xfinity email settings – My account help

You can change the email address where you receive Xfinity account alerts and communications in My Account. You can set your default preferred address to be comcast.net, but you have the option to change it at any time.
To change what types of alerts and notifications you receive, like when your bill is ready to be paid or overdue, learn how to update your text and email alert preferences.

You can add Xfinity ID to your account by following How to Add and Invite Users To Your Xfinity Subscribers Account.

How to add a personal email address

Follow these steps to add an email address personal to your account:

  1. Register in My Account to make sure you are on the right pageUsersTab.
  2. ChooseEditNext to the user, add an email address.
  3. TheContact InformationSection, clickAdd a personal email address. (Notice: You can click if there is an existing personal address associated with the username.Take out click to continue or start the instructions again.Editio make any changes that are necessary
  4. Enter your email address and then re-enter it. click save.
  5. To validate your email address, we will send you a verification link. Your email verification link will expire 72 hours later for your security.

Notice: Your default preferred address at comcast.net will not change until you make the changes in My Account.

Create your preferred email address

You will need to add another email address to your account for your personal email address to be set as your preferred email. Follow the instructions.

  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. ChooseEditNext to the user, select the email address you wish to modify.
  3. contact Information section, click on the editing the email section, click on the button.
  4. click this is the preferred you can choose which email is to be your preferred email address. An indicator in gray will be next to your selection.

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