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Xfinity On Demand Not Working (4 Most Common Causes of the Problem)

4 Most Common Causes of the Problem

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Xfinity is a great provider. Every plan that you sign up for gives you access to incredible content. What happens if the On Demand content is not available? Instead of trying to solve the problem for hours, take a few minutes and read this article. There is a high chance you will find the solution to your problem here.

Xfinity On-Demand Doesn’t Work: The Most Common Reasons

There is an outage in your area

If you are unable to access any Xfinity content from multiple devices, it could be because there is an outage in your region. Xfinity could be experiencing a system failure near you or may be performing routine maintenance.

You can find information about outages in your account, regardless of the cause. The Status Center section will be found. You can then see if an outage has affected all your services or just one service. If the outage is not to your fault, you can choose to Perform a Diagnostic Check. You can also reach Xfinity customer support via the chat or phone number.

Your wireless signal is weak

Xfinity On Demand isn’t working because of poor internet connections. You can run a speed test to determine if that is the problem. You can find speed testing websites online. To check your signal, you can also visit Speed Test Section at Xfinity.

If your connection is slow, you should restart it. To do this, unplug it from the power supply, wait a few minutes, then plug it back in. Before you attempt to access On Demand content, make sure the device is fully turned on.

To test whether the connection works better, you can move your TV closer to the router. Remove any obstructions between them.

The problem is with On-Demand Content

Xfinity On Demand programs can only be accessed by users who have an Xfinity home network. These restrictions are set by content providers and you cannot do anything except to try to access the content at home.

The TV box is the problem

Your TV box might have trouble accessing Xfinity on Demand content. Instead of explaining what went wrong and each step of the troubleshooting process, we will speed up the process of fixing your problem by showing you how to fix Xfinity on Demand. This is because most problems can be solved by simply restarting the X1 TV Box. Let’s look at a few ways to reset your TV box.

1. Voice Controls

Navigating the Xfinity box is easier than ever! You can say whatever you want to your device using the Xfinity Voice Remote. To restart your TV box, simply say “Restart TV Box” into the remote.

The Xfinity system also has the unique ability to let you know if there is an issue that cannot be fixed by restarting your device. To provide further troubleshooting tips, the system will schedule a call with their technician.

2. My Account

To reset your TV, you can use the following steps. My Account section on the official Xfinity website. Log in to your account with your credentials. The Manage TV menu will then be displayed. The Troubleshootingoption will then be available. You have two options. Refresh the system or restart the device.


Sign in to your Xfinity account

You can also use the system refresh option to fix missing channels and On Demand issues. If you choose this option, all boxes in your home are restarted. The entire process takes less than ten minutes. You can reset one TV box with the restart device option. This is useful if you have sound problems or your On Demand content is slow. It takes about five minutes.

3. The Xfinity App

The third way to reboot your TV is via the Xfinity My Account App. If you don’t already have an account, you can download it on both Android and IOS. After the app has been installed, you’ll need to open the app and search for the TV section. Next, click the Troubleshootingmenu. Next, click on the b>Troubleshooting /b>menu.

4. Configure your device

You can also manually turn on your TV box using the remote or TV menu. To do this, press the XfinityButton. Click on the remote to locate settings. Once you see the menu, click it. Then, you can go to Set up your device. To proceed, click on the button. Click on the button to continue. The TV box will restart. Wait until the X1 screen appears before you turn on your TV.

5. The Help Menu

You’ll also need your remote control, just like the previous one. You should find the following: A Press the button on your remote to locate the RestartOnce the help menu has been accessed, click on the option.

6. The Power Button

This is not a recommended way to restart the device by Xfinity. It’s an option that’s good for people who don’t have reliable internet access. Hold the Power button for approximately ten seconds. Continue pressing the button until the TV turns off. Allow the TV to turn on for a while before it turns back on again.

7. The Power Cord

This is another option Xfinity advises against. This should be used only as a last resort. You can simply unplug your TV box from the power supply to restart it. You should wait for the TV to turn on before you plug it in again. Before you use the device, give it time to turn itself on.

Final Conclusion

Hopefully, your Xfinity on Demand worked again. We are sure you will have a blast watching your favorite shows if it does. If these tips don’t work, you can contact Xfinity customer service to report the problem.

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