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Xfinity Router Blinking Blue: How to Fix it?

by stacy

We are used to seeing different colors on our Xfinity router’s light when it turns on. Normally, the light on the Xfinity router should be solid white, but in some cases,  we will notice the Xfinity router blinking blue.

This article will tell you what the blue blinking lights mean and help you to fix them.

So, let’s start!

Why does my Xfinity Router blink blue?

Xfinity router blinking blue

According to Xfinity, the blinking blue light at your router’s router means that it is inoperative. WPS (Wireless Protected Setup). mode.

Normally this light is off and when it’s blinking it means that you or someone else has pressed the WPS button and it is active now. Your router is trying connect to another Wi Fi device. The blue blinking light should go out after they connect and it should change to solid white.

If it blinks for longer periods of time, it is likely that the connection failed and we need to investigate. The problem could be caused by a weak signal. Follow the steps below to fix it.

How do I fix the Xfinity Router Blinking Blue Light

Move the router or device closer

The signal may be weak or the distance between the router and the device is too high. Move the device closer to router to check if this is the problem. If distance is the problem, then the WPS connection should be established.

Restart the device

Restarting your router is often the easiest and most efficient solution to a problem. There are many options, but the end result is the exact same. You can choose the one that is most comfortable.

Xfinity App

The Xfinity app makes it easy to reboot the router. Open the app from your tablet or smartphone. Scroll down to select Internet. Next, select the device that needs to be restarted and click on the following:

iOS users should use the following link Restart the device.

Android users should click here TroubleshootingThen, Start troubleshootingThen, the blue. Restart your device text.

Wait a bit until the device boots back up, then check to see if the blue light still blinks on your Xfinity router.


Manual methods are simple and easy to follow.

The router should be unplugged from the power supply. After waiting a while, plug it in again. Wait for the router’s to start up, then check the lights. The blue blinking light shouldn’t be there anymore.

Restart WPS mode

wps button on Xfinity router

Restart the WPS connection process. Turn on the WPS connection. The router will prompt you to press the WPS button. On your computer, or on the device that you want to connect to the home network, you should receive a message telling you that the connection has been successful.

Restart your home network devices

A home network restart can often fix connectivity problems. You will need to restart the router and modem. You can do the following to make it work:

1. Allow the router and modem to be disconnected from the power supply for a few seconds.

2. First, connect the modem to the power supply. Wait for it fully to boot before you connect to the Internet.

3. Connect the router back with the power source.

4. Once the modem and router have stabilized (i.e. You must restart all devices connected to the network after the modem and router have stabilized.

Factory reset router

The factory reset will reverse the router’s factory settings, as its name implies. Although this should resolve most problems with your router, it is important to understand that you will still need to set up the router from scratch.

This is because any changes you made in the past will be lost.

Admin Dashboard

Although it is easy to reset the router via the Admin dashboard, it will require some attention on your part.

First, log in to your router using the default IP, username, and password. If you don’t know the exact steps, please check this guide on how to login to your Xfinity router.

Once you’ve logged in to the router, go to the left menu and choose TroubleshootingAnd then Reset/Restore Gateway. Click theRestore factory settings button.

Now the router will reboot. When it boots up, you can login with your default username and password to configure your wireless connection.


Manual reset is simpler. The Reset button is located at the back of your router. You can press it, but it is difficult to see. To do this, you will need a paperclip or similar.

Press the button to select the object. Hold it for 30 second. Release the button when the router shuts off. The router should now boot up again, and the blue blinking lights should have gone.

Contact Xfinity Support

Contact Xfinity Support

In case none of the given solutions have helped you get rid of the blue blinking light on your Xfinity router, it’s time to contact the Xfinity support. You can tell them about your experience and they can help you solve the problem.

This will make it much easier to resolve the issue.

Last words

Hopefully you have found some solutions to the Xfinity router blinking red light. However, if you haven’t managed to fix the problem even after getting in touch with the tech support, it is possible that it is time to replace your router with a new one.

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