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Xfinity Router Blinking White: How to fix it?

by stacy

Like other wireless routers with status LED lights, the Xfinity routers also have status LED lights. These lights indicate activity and status of the network and connection. Basically, these LED lights are a sure sign to tell you what’s going on at the moment.

Depending upon the current activity or problem with your router, your Xfinity router might blink white, green, orange, red, or even white depending on what it is doing. This article will explain the Xfinity router blinking blue problem and show you how to fix it.

So, let’s start!

What does Xfinity Router Blinking in White Mean?

A solid white light on the Xfinity router should indicate that it is connected and that the internet connection has been stable. However, if it’s blinking it may indicate that the router has problems connecting to the internet or that your service hasn’t been activated yet.

There is always a way to fix whatever is causing the blinking white light. These are some things you can do in order to fix the problem and keep using your internet as usual.

How can I fix the Xfinity Router’s blinking white?

Service Provider Problems

Service interruption is another reason your Xfinity router’s white blinking light may be flashing. Perhaps your ISP has experienced a service disruption in your area due weather conditions or scheduled maintenance. Luckily you can check that via the Xfinity App or by getting in touch with the customer support and asking what’s the problem.

You can wait for your ISP to fix the problem if a service outage is the cause.

Xfinity Activation Process not Completed

An incomplete activation process could be one of the causes for the Xfinity router’s flashing white light. You can complete the activation process, and the blinking white light will disappear.

These steps will help you complete the activation process.

Download and install the Xfinity App on your phone. You can choose from versions that are compatible with both Android and iOS.

If you are having trouble downloading the app, or similar issues, you can refer to the Getting Started instructions. The following link will allow you to activate your account. register.xfinity.com/activate page.

xfinity activation page

To login, use your Xfinity ID password. If you don’t have these login details then you will need to complete the registration process first and then login.

There is a QR code located at the bottom or side of your Xfinity router. This QR code will be required to identify your gateway. You can also manually enter the QR code if you have trouble scanning it. CM MAC code (12 digits)Printed next to the QR code of the router

After this, the app will help you with the rest of setup by providing tips and instructions on how to connect cables and the best router position. The app will prompt you to create a network name, and password.

You need to wait a bit until your Xfinity router activates. After activation completes, you will be reminded to enter the Wi-Fi password. After that, confirm and close the process. Your Xfinity account activation is complete.

It is possible for your router to be restarted during this process. There is nothing to be concerned about in the event that this happens. Final result: A solid white light on your router with a fast and stable connection.

However, if the incomplete activation wasn’t the main cause for the white blinking light try the following fixes.

Restart your Xfinity Router by powercycling

It is amazing how many network problems can be solved by a simple restart. Having this in mind we recommend trying this primarily because it is a highly effective quick fix solution and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge from the user.

You can do this manually by unplugging the power cable from your Xfinity Wi Fi router. Then wait for around 60 seconds before plugging the power cable back into router.

Wait for the router’s to start, and then you will see a solid-white light. However, if this hasn’t solved the problem, continue with the recommended steps.

You can also restart your Xfinity router using other methods, such as the Xfinity app or the Xfinity account. The manual method is our preferred choice.

Factory Reset Your Xfinity Router

The factory reset is different from the Restart that we mentioned earlier. You can reset the Xfinity router to its default settings using the factory reset. However, you must know that you will still need to configure your router and home network starting after the factory reset is complete.

This is a common solution to home network problems. We recommend it as a last resort because you will lose all settings.

These are the steps to restore factory settings to your Xfinity router.

Use a small object such as a pen or paper clip.

The Reset button is located at the back of your router. To prevent the router from being reset accidentally, it is typically located in the router’s back.

Hold the small object in your hand and press the reset button for 30 seconds. The router’s LED lights will then turn off.

It will automatically reboot to factory settings, and you will need to activate it again. You will need to connect the devices again if you decide to create a new password or network name.

Contact the Xfinity Customer Service

In case any of the solutions given above didn’t help and you still see your Xfinity router blinking white light it is time to contact the Xfinity Support. To speed up the troubleshooting process, tell them what solutions have you tried.

Last words

You now know that the Xfinity router blinking light means that your internet connection is not working properly. This could be due to an incomplete activation or other issues.

Final result: We want to see a solid, white light on the router. This indicates that it is functioning properly.

However, if nothing from the above worked and even the customer support couldn’t help we highly recommend you reading our article about What Modems Are Compatible With Comcast Xfinity?

The problem you are experiencing right now will be solved by a new modem.

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