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Meet Signeasy for Zoho Writer

by stacy

When it comes to online word processors, the globe continues to be inundated with options; yet, we appreciate how Zoho Writer readily differentiates itself from the competition. Because of its uncluttered user interface and stage-by-stage compilation, Writer makes it easy to concentrate on writing while also facilitating productive collaboration, something that pleases both people and corporations.

And today, we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce an all-new Signeasy integration for Zoho Writer because it means we get to be a part of this incredible experience. Yes, we will be commemorating National ESIGN Day in exactly the same way this year! Our cooperation with Zoho’s suite of business software has been expanded as a result of this development, which comes many months after the release of the Signeasy integration for Zoho CRM. Zoho made use of the Signeasy API platform in order to integrate a user experience for simple and powerful electronic signatures into Zoho Writer.

Users now have the ability to sign papers or send them to be signed straight from within Zoho Writer as a result of this integration. The procedure of creating word documents together with other people is simplified considerably by its incorporation. For instance, once the user has drafted a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), contract, service agreement (or just about anything else), and collaborated with others for the purpose of reviewing or discussing it, they have the option of signing it themselves or sending it out to be signed by someone else. It only takes a few clicks to get everything set up, and all the user needs to do to get started is link their Signeasy account with their Zoho Writer account once. There were no more unpleasant interactions with the cumbersome printers, fax machines, or scanners. This is how the process goes.

Establishing a connection between your Signeasy account and Zoho Writer
Signeasy may be accessed by selecting the Electronic Signature option found under the Distribute menu in Zoho Writer. zoho writer how to 6

Select the Add Account button. You will be required to sign in to your account with Signeasy.
how to use zoho writer version 3

Clicking the Accept button will then grant permission for Zoho Writer to access your Signeasy documents and account information. When you’re finished, your Signeasy account will automatically be connected to Zoho Writer.
how to use zoho writer version 4

Signeasy integration within Zoho Writer
Signeasy can be accessed by using the Electronic Signature option found under the Distribute menu. zoho writer how to 1

To upload the document that you created in Zoho Writer into your Signeasy account, click the Upload button. After you have finished, select Next

how to use Zoho Writer (zoho)

To continue with the workflow, select either Self Signing or Remote Signing from the available options.
how to use zoho writer version 5

Signeasy has made it possible for individuals and organisations of all kinds to eliminate paper transactions, thereby speeding up the closing of deals, increasing customer satisfaction and lowering costs. We cannot wait to see how customers of Zoho Writer will be able to generate business impact and stop worrying about paperwork as a result of this newly integrated feature. Give it a shot, and then report back to us with your thoughts. We are awaiting your response at hello@signeasy.com. Please get in touch.

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