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ZTE Router Login: Access and secure your router

by stacy

Here’s a brief overview

This article will show you how to log in to ZTE routers so that you can protect your home network from unauthorised access. If the network is not secured, you can change the password or set one up.

How to log into your ZTE router

STEP 1 – Connect to the network using WiFi or the network cable

Before you can begin the ZTE router login process, you will need to connect your device directly to the router or network. This is important because only devices that are already connected to the network will be able to access the ZTE router administrator page.

STEP 2: Start the browser

You can access the ZTE router settings as well as most router settings using a web browser. You can now launch Chrome, Safari, or any other browser on your device. Make sure that you are using the most recent version and not an outdated one.

STEP 3 – Type the ZTE router defaultIP in the URL bar

The default ZTE router login IP address is It is crucial to correctly type the password and only use numbers. The most common error in the login process is to use the small letter “L” instead of the number 1.

STEP 4 – Enter the ZTE default username/password

ZTE router login page

You will need to enter your router username and password when you press Enter on the keyboard, or tap Go on your phone. If you haven’t changed them before, type the following:

Username: admin

Password: admin

*The username and password are case sensitive.

STEP 5 – Click Login

The ZTE router admin page will open when you click the Login link. While you can make changes immediately, we recommend backing up the router settings first.

How to change WiFi password on ZTE router

After you have logged into your ZTE router it is time for you to change the wireless password in order to improve the security of your wireless network.

Change wifi password on ZTE router

1. Click on Network Use the left-hand menu

2. Choose WLANYou can access the sub-menu

3. Click here Security

4. You can now do this: Authentication TypeSelect WPA2-PSKSelect the drop-down menu

5. The Passphrase Enter the wireless password in the box below.

6. Click here SubmitSave changes by clicking the button at bottom of page

Tips for setting up WiFi passwords

  • The new password should contain 8-12 characters
  • For a strong password, you can use numbers, special characters, small, and capital letters
  • Don’t try to over-complicate things. Make sure you can actually remember the WiFi password because one of the most common questions today whenever someone comes to visit you is – What’s your WiFi password?
  • Online password generators can be used to generate some great ideas
  • You must update all devices if you change your ZTE Wi-Fi password. Otherwise, they won’t be able to stay connected to the network.

Final Thoughts

The ZTE router login steps can be followed by anyone, even beginners. You should remember your default IP, username, password so that you can use them in the future. Apart from changing your WiFi password, there are other things you can do to increase network security. These include changing the default router administrator password or IP, changing network name, activating firewall, and many others.

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